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Moral Mastery: Article One

Article By: Tyler Benjamin
Editorial and opinion

A sort of article I will release regularly.

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Moral Mastery

Is one religion truly in order with the higher power, if one exists?

As long as civilization has endured, we are constantly riddled with the lingering question: "Is there a 'correct' religion? Are we following it?" Different varieties of religions are scattered across the globe; there is quite a bit of Hinduism within India, and a lot of Christianity in the western hemisphere (not saying that Christianity isn't in India and vice versa), and within these religions, there are multiple beliefs, including the afterlife: where do we go after we pass?

For a long time, religion has provided us with a "go-to" answer for everything. If a farmer is suffering from an extensive drought, he may seek the council of a nearby church. A priest may tell the farmer that God has willed this drought to be, possibly because it is a trial to overcome. Note the word "possibly". Nothing is confirmed; there is no definite solution, only theory.

Nothing tears us apart more than religious beliefs. As soon as we discover that our opinions about such subjects differ, then we are torn. A prime example of this is Atheism vs. Christianity. How often have you heard or seen quarrels between the two? Most likely, they happen every day, and consists of one belief bashing another. It's common. History repeats itself; when England spread Anglicism, the Spanish Armada arrived to expel it. Now, society uses, more often than not, a less violent way of expressing their beliefs: debate.

"Wait," you might say, "debates and arguments aren't always friendly. Sometimes these become heated." This is exactly right. Just as we grow more diverse in opinions and culture, we harbor more resentment for those who believe inversely to us, and the consequences are dire. A study shows that one out of every four children suffer from harassment because of their faith. Whatever happened to freedom of religion without persecution?

It is our choice of what beliefs we choose, what morals we append to, and the decisions we make. We may believe that we have mastery of ourselves and our future, but in the end, will we be correct?


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