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No matter where you decide you obtain your knowledge and or education if it is not applied you have wasted your own time and money. Stop blaming others, money, the lack there of, or the system for the goals you fail to reach.

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He works a 9 t o 5...

Unhappy with his position, unhappy with his circumstance, he now believes... it was all a waist of time.

On the other side of the world, sits another man...

Unhappy with his position, unhappy, with his circumstance and also believe all the things he has done, are a waist of time.

The first man is a high school graduate, working in the fast food business, tired of flipping burgers, smelling like processed meat, and dealing with rude customers that are not tipping nor helping him take care of the family he has at home.

The second man is a business major, it took him 5 years to get the degree and another 2 to get where he is today and is not that far. He shares a desk, lives in an apartment, and the worst part is no company car. He watches the rest of his fellow co-workers laugh and giggle about how good lunch was, while he must pack his lunch every day.

What have these two and many others done wrong.

Slacking a trait that is running through the veins of all of us, just some of us show it more than others.

Blame, a word that is common and used as the excuse of why achievement has not been made.

Neither man has used their education properly, and believe the education they do have was a waste of time. In a sense it was if you stuck somewhere that anyone can go, however that was a personal decision. No one told you to get that degree in business, I believe in the power of education but "Business" is a waste of time. But one of the most picked degrees in the United States, why, I believe because its easy, appealing and you don't have to be "smart" to get it.

Now things such as law, nursing, engineering, need some from of education, if you go to school, be smart about it, use loans when you need them, and remember the little girl Ruby Brides fought for everyone right for an education, but even then what you obtained must be used to your advantage. Once you sit at a company for 6 months, degree or no degree if you have not even moved up in pay, role, stacked money to start your own or do your own thing; you are not using the talent you were given to your advantage.

P.L.O.T: Putting Logic Out There

Education comes from more than just a book, it doesn't take a "teacher" to teach you and it does not take the hard streets for lessons to be learned. But it does take the ability to want to obtain more than whats in a book to reach the goals intended for self. You say he did it without a degree but everyone's path is not made for everyone to walk on.


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