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The truth sensibly

Book By: abyskaria
Editorial and opinion

We seek better worse than few. Like you and everyone else we belong those few running in the plight of carrying gift of our own few adoration. This is an answer to the fair point of what is the truth?

Submitted:Dec 16, 2014    Reads: 129    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Three tankers were down in the Gaza Strip and fired openly atmost of all the settlements. They knew all human life forms were under burrows and on the stand only stood one house. It was totaly dark and they lingered down for the way out. An very old women appeared on the scene and few thought they had over there anyone alive. One fellow tankee eased firing openly but no regrets from their heart slowed down themselves being human. In that hut they wanted this old person to step back yet she told she was guarding the place where her kids rest in peace. No one knew how this moonlight showed all the soliders that lighted home in the dark admist of everything the real spectrum outside their borders. One young man told I only want to know if I was at your age seeking destiny of segmented targets in midst of responsibilities, roles and reunion I would have asked for the word in the holy book and it told us all that she will protect you. We dont know where our needs, demands and desires step up into the ladder down the stream of life yet we believe when we return back to those fields garland in her arms will safe guard all their interest. We had tankers but half the way we stepped out of duty to be human virtually in an old age home where parents preciously await back her gifts and garden of life make the truth visible. As a child I have seen real bloodshed in neighbourhood and stepped out of town into armed forces facing lifes deadlist scenario in the inhuman terrains. I have daringly climbed without anything in one stay fit camp. I came towards your advent that there may be delight in this house. She told me no one has the heart like yours yet beware. I saw my biological machinery fading yet we came at this home. I havent introspected yourself very much nor ever will be. A christmas greenery wish was a prayer wallet and scruplous inhabitants spoiled in arms and aminutions. I had made a prayer without knowing my means of realism in a united world. As any human being my request, please tell me who you are.

"You can call this person the birth of the true truth. Your fabulous seek heartened earthly blessings. Light saw humble everlasting life transform a human destiny. Smile helping experience rejoiced you. You cried when you saw helplessness. She cried when all saw their helplessness. Your insight and wisdom brings you resize options.Simpleness transformed you more humanity within. She is with you all the road. The terrains you face cant gift you meetings howsoever endurance can make your daring. God make true life in us and she transforms true life to make you human. We call her the ultimate of the mother source of supreme foundation of existence. Whatever be the council, she is the true truth and before her life is a begining. You and me see things perfectly through resolutions with human touch made out of the soil carved out on this mother earth. Our prayers are lifes gifts we honor in this sacrifice. Transform your knowledge into power and power into meanings of life. Gift these all around your way with an human living honor. And all your way the begining is never the end"

A missle hit their small rescue camp and the lamb of their blessing still lives among the flock of shepherds.


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