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My Thoughts on Twilight

Book review By: RaisinGirl
Editorial and opinion

I finally picked up Twilight, so here is my opinion

Submitted:Dec 14, 2010    Reads: 75    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

My Opinions on Twilight book one, and comparison with the movies:

Well, well, I finally picked up the Twilight Saga book collection, and I am astounded....I used to hate the idea of anything that involved blood-sucking vampires, but then I saw the movies(way after the hype died down some) and fell in love with the story, while realizing that it projected a different concept...I've only read Twilight book one, actually I'm at the end of it right now-and now it's made me a bit disappointed in the movies, (having seen them before the books), cuz I realize how much content was either rearranged, cut out, replaced, changed, dismissed, or added, when there was no reason to do so...the movies are beautiful, don't get me wrong, especially part one...but here's a strong word of advice...if u haven't seen the movies yet, but want to, please watch them in order(a stupid mistake I made, which doesn't matter how I managed to do that, but still)..anyway, the book is good as it is, but I don't like the message it may send to young girls(and boys) about an ideal romance...I would not allow my underage teen to read the books at all...it's too sensual in some parts, plus it just promotes too much obsession with it being about a young girl who instantaneously falls madly in love with a vampire(forbidden love) and her only purpose, and his only purpose in life is to be together, which creates a sense of co-dependency and young stupidity(very Romeo and Juliet, we already know this) And my biggest pet peeve of all with the book, in the way the author has written it-the vocabulary. I'm sorry, but no 17-year-old girl speaks with such words as sureptitiously and irrevocably(only to name a couple out of many, many BIG words). English and writing are my best skills, and I have to get the damn dictionary LOL. Still, to the adult reader, I find it intriguing, and yet it can be so depressing at times, but over all, it's pretty good cuz it's out of the ordinary.

P.S. Book One, definitively is labeled as a Romance novel, in my strict opinion, and you've got to be strong to read a romance novel cuz they are depressing at times...this is the first and only one I've ever read(I'm married to someone whom I love very much, and that is the only way I could possibly get through a love story. Before I met him, I was a pessimist who did not believe that Romance was real, but he is a Romantic at heart, and that forever changed my ways and views.)

I hope this helps. Remember this is only my one opinion out of millions, and in reality, I am not bashing the movies or the books. I still adore both...but I've got the rest of the saga to complete...the real reason I went out and bought the books, is cuz there is no way I am going to be able to wait for Breaking Dawn to come out till next November, not to mention it will be cut into two parts, so the part 2 will come out in the November after that in 2012...crazy!....I just wanna find out what happens....don't anyone dare tell me, I already have an idea, but I don't want it to be spoiled.


BOOK ONE-great!........................................................:)


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