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This is just a short essay that I started in English but I changed a little so I could publish it on Booksie and related to everyone here instead of everyone in my class.

Anyway, it is about Twilight and how I feel. It isn't the typical Twilight sucks or Twilight is awesome essay. Hope you like it! :D

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"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb." This is just one part of the book that millions of teens have fallen in love with. Twilight and the sequals to it have captured the hearts of thousands of people. Stephanie Meyer's books have become one of the most commonly read books and a common topic for teens to argue about. There's the whole Team Jacob and Team Edward thing. Or whether Twilight sucks or is amazing. There is so much to discuss about the books.

People have become obsessed with Twilight or obssesed with hating it. Writers are writing additions to the books or changing scenes. Or they are writing articles about how much they hate Twilight. I personally don't agree with either. I mean, I read the books myself and I've seen the first two movies and thought they were pretty good. But I don't think it is right that people are adding on to the books. I mean, they belong to Stephanie Meyer and they were her ideas. But I also don't think that everyone should "attack" them either. I think you should be able to express your opinions on what you think of them but is it really necissary to write long articles about how they suck and there is nothing good about them???

Some people are so determined to convince everyone that they are right about how good or bad the books are. Now, not everyone is like this. Some people want to just write a good book review about them and say what is good about the books and what could be improved.

I have nothing against twi-tards or whatever they like to be called. I think it is cool that they admire Stephanie Meyer and enjoyed reading the books. Just don't get mad at people for saying that they don't like Twilight. And those of you who hate Twilight, try listening to the people who like and give it a fair chance. I'm not saying that you have to like the books but don't make people feel bad for liking them either.

But, I've gotten used to all of this. The one thing that still really bugs me is how many things on Booksie is about Twilight. I know, that kinda doesn't sound right of me for saying that since I'm writing this but that's not really what I mean. I mean that everything has Twilight somewhere. The home page almost always has some writing that is related to Twilight in some way and I'm always getting comments to read stuff that is related to Twilight.

This isn't all bad though. I'm curently reading one novel that is like Twilight in the way that the characters are named Bella, Edward, and Jacob and Bella is clumsy and Edward and Jacob are still supposed to be hotties that everyone likes. But no one is a vampire or werewolf or anything like that. In fact, Bella and Edward are skaters. (If you want to check out the novel it is A Different Twilight and a Different Bella -THE NOVEL by NessieBlack.) I've also read a few articles where the authors have similar opinions like I do and they just want the "war" to stop and people to stop fighting about this.

But the thing that has been happening the most latey is that my writing is getting compared to Twilight. This doesn't bug me too much because I did think the books were good and this could be taken as a compliment. But I personally want my stories to be original. I never intend for them to be like Twilight but people find a way to make them similar to Twilight. Just because a girl is clumsy and the boy is supportive or a girl and guy are in a god relationship and are supportive of each other, it is like Twilight.

I don't know if anyone reading this has a similar opinion but I hope you at least see my point and where I'm coming from on this. I don't want to offend anyone but I just wanted to express how I feel like I do in poetry. I hope that things about Twilight calm down and I get to read writing by authors who I know have good ideas that are just waiting to be published.


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