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Submitted:Nov 13, 2008    Reads: 294    Comments: 9    Likes: 1   

I loved vampire stories. I loved were wolves and lycans and vamps until I was scrolling down the read section of booksie, and guess what? All i see if fucking vampires! VAmpire story after vampire story, after edward tribute, I love twilight as much as the next hot-guy obsessed teenage girl but come on! I cant take it any more! I've actually written a few myself so I guess you could call me a hypocrite but at least they weren't the same print out of nice girl meets hot vamp, who just happens to be in love with her, TWilight copy bullshit every one else is so in love with. I dont get it! Why? Why is every one doing this to themselves? He's not real okay? The hot guy/girl you put in your stories wont come whisk you away to come live in your fantasy world, so just stop it! If you have to write about a vampire/were wolf/ shapeshifter romance, spice it up a bit. Dont set it in a school for one! Damn it, If I have to read one more school romance I'm going to-= (uninteligable mumbling) GRRRRRRRR>...... Also. Dont make the girl nice. I've had it up to HERE with nice girls. And really,who are you trying to fool? I mean when was the last time you saw a genuinley nice girl, with no impure thoughts whatsoever. Yeah, uh, probably never! GIve her some back bone. Toughen her up a bit. If her boyfriend is getting the crap beat out of him, make her pick up a fucking bat and help him! Dont just snivel on the flloor like some poor, twilight deprived wuss! The guy. I know Edwards a gentle men but normal guys just aren't. I know.It's sad. I cried when I found out too. TT^TT. Normal guys undress you with their eyes and make lewd comments about you to all your mates. And I hear you saying, "But-but- he's not like that. HE's special." Fuck you he's special. Special needs, more like it. If your guy dosen't jack off to your picture than he's fucking gay and probably chasing after your older brother. The best friend. Every story has one. And he/she just has to be in love with your main human, eh? Well, fuck that! Next time I'm adding a best friend I'm going to make him gay and hott for the vamp. OOOhh yeah! Beat that biarch! So that's it pretty much. I'll be updating this later when I have more to get mad at but this is it so far. To all those out there, smashing their computer and sending me hate mail, good luck to you! I'll be waiting.



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