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Beautiful Creatures characters really beautiful??

Book review By: zacarianaa
Editorial and opinion

Are Beautiful Creatures characters really beautiful as they says to be??

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Beautiful Creatures Descriptions: My questions

Ethan Lawson Wate - The main protagonist, Ethan is the son of two writers, and he has lived in Gatlin his entire life. He is considered somewhat popular, being Emily Asher's ex-boyfriend and a member of the basketball team, but he feels somewhat like an outcast. His one goal in life is to escape Gatlin forever and not become stuck there like many other of the small town's citizens. He enjoys reading everything from classic novels to comic books, but he doesn't let people know that. Ethan has three great aunts, Prudence Jane Stathan, Grace Ann Statham and Mercy Lynne Statham whom he visits every Saturday. He is the descendant of Ethan Carter Wate and son of Lila Evers and Mitchell Wate.

How can you be popular and still be an outcast? His goal is to escape Gatlin, shouldn't a goal be like "doctor" or "engineer" something in that sense? He reads comics at school, but classics at home! You shouldn't be embarrassed on the types of books you read. If you feel they are going to make you less popular, who cares?? You already feel like an outcast. So whats the big problem?? Does it matter what people think if you think or feel they treat you like an outcast. They still might treat you the same.

Lena Duchannes - Another main protagonist, Lena is an outcast among Stonewall Jackson High when she first arrives in Gatlin. She is Macon Ravenwood's niece, which causes the other students to tease her. She and Ethan find that they both feel like outcasts, and they develop a close friendship, eventually falling in love. She enjoys writing poetry in a journal she carries with her. She is the descendant of Genevieve.

How can you feel you are an outcast at the 1st day of school? You can at least try to make some friends.

Macon "Melchizedek" Ravenwood - in Lena's uncle. He has been a cast out in Gatlin his whole life. He is an Incubus, which is a "Dark" creature. Instead of feeding on blood-like his brother Hunting-he feeds of the dreams and memories of humans.

How can one person be an outcast his WHOLE life? He could go out and try to at least start a small talk with people nearby.

Ridley Duchannes - Lena's cousin, they lived together and were like sisters until her sixteenth birthday when she left for the fear of going dark and Lena hasn't seen her since then. She is a dark caster, a Siren, she can make someone do anything as long as she's armed with a red lollipop. Link falls in love with her, and in the book she shows very little of the same feeling towards him.

In the book, she makes guys jump off of cliffs. Why would you even want to do that? She needs to actually start learning how to remember peoples names, yeesh, I mean "short straw" and "shrinkey dink".

Reece - She could tell if people are lying by glance at the person's face.

Shouldn't she actually be like a court judge or something?? A lot of innocent people will be saved.

Link, A.K.A. Wesley Jefferson Lincoln - Ethan's best friend. He is the son of Mrs. Lincoln. He falls in love with Ridley.

I can't even think of a simple question about this boy. I am going to only leave it at that.

Hunting "Phinehas" Ravenwood - Macon's brother. He is a blood incubus, and at the end of the book you are led to believe that he is killed.

Well, if you are led to believe something, that thing is probably not true. Nice way to keep a surprise people!! ( note the sarcasm )

Amma - Ethan's nanny of some sorts. She reads tarot cards for the towns folk. She is a "Seer". And she makes charms and hides them around the house. She is somewhat superstitious. Ethan describes her as being old, that she took care of his father when he was a kid.

She could have told Ethan earlier about the "seer" part. It would have saved him a heck of a lot of trouble.

Mrs. Lincoln - Link's mother, friends with Mrs. Asher and Mrs. Snow and member of the DAR. And it turns out that she had been possessed by Lena's mom.

I have nothing to say. Its sorta pretty clear that she is being controlled by Sarafine, considering the way she has been acting towards Lena.

Sarafine Duchannes - Lena's mother, also a dark Caster, considered the darkest caster alive. She supposedly killed Lena's father. She used to be a Natral, like Lena, until she went dark, then she turned into a Caticlist.

Why in the world would you want to kill your own child?? I swear, there is something wrong with that lady.


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