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Capital Punishment: Right or Wrong?

Essay By: absolutelyalice
Editorial and opinion

PLEASE READ: This was an assignment for school, where we were supposed to express our HONEST opinion on capital punishment in The United States. I am quite blunt in this essay. If you are going to be offended - or anything like that, by my honest opinion, I suggest not reading it. Thank you!

Update: I removed the example I had used, since after thinking a bit about it, I realized it didn't really fit in with the essay genre.

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Capital punishment is still used in several countries, one of them being the US. In some states in America, they still have death penalty, which to me is just insane. It is such a primitive way of punishing, and it completely baffles me that a country, that we view as civilized and modern, has yet to abolish the death penalty.

People come with arguments such as: They deserve it, but if the deserve it or not, really isn't the point. That's like kinder garden all over again! He took my crayon, then I take his!. Is this actually how grown, intelligent people think? Or, should I be blaming the old testament? An eye for an eye?

I can definitely understand that the family of the victim (if we're talking about a murder) would want to see the murderer dead, would want revenge, but that isn't the point either. Are we going to sink as low as the murderer? Fight fire with fire? No, that is morally wrong, and doesn't do anyone any good. No one has the right to take someone's life, no matter what they did. Or do they? Is it suddenly okay to kill, as long as that person did the same? Isn't the point of punishment to improve? Well, if that's the case, then please tell me how on earth they are supposed to improve, if they're dead?

Another thing a lot of people have thought about is - and it's something that's been talked about a lot in the media: What if they have the wrong person? Then there's no way back! Sitting in prison every single day for the rest ofyour life, is probably worse than dying for a lot of people. You have to think about your actions, and feel guilt.

Is the reason for capital punishment still being used, that the government just doesn't want to deal with criminals, or is it as I mentioned before, that they think they actually deserve it? Or do they think that it stops people from committing a murder? Well, look at the US - is that a crime free country? No, far from it. Studies have actually shown that the crime rate is no lower in states where capital punishment has yet to be abolished, actually in some of the states, the crime rate is higher.

I'm not saying that there are no arguments for capital punishment, but the arguments that do exist are based on primitive human emotions, or the information is false. Some examples are: The criminal deserves to feel some of the pain the victim did. In other words, this is expressing revenge. Others say: It's less expensive than parole, and they don't want to pay for criminals. This is understandable, but in reality, this is not the case. Executing someone is actually more expensive than life long imprisonment. Then I say - what is then the point?


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