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Moonshine By golly

Essay By: Baccr
Editorial and opinion

Its an opinion piece of my opinion about the legalization of moonshine completely.

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Moonshine Making moonshine is illegal, but a way of life for some people. Americans have done it for over a hundred years. I think moonshine should be legal but also taxed. Good liquor never hurt anyone. Moonshine is an American tradition, a good way for ordinary people to make a living, and can help the government if taxed. Also think moonshine should be legal because the government could tax it and regulate it and make a lot more money from taxes. Some families can make up to $150,000 to $200,000 year. In taxes, they would have to pay approximately $32,000 a year to the Federal government. That's money we need. Also in 2000, an investigation busted a Virginia store that sold enough material to make 1.4 million gallons of liquor, worth an estimated 19.6 million in lost government revenue. In 2005 almost five billion dollars of federal taxes on alcohol came from legally produces spirits. Again I think moonshine should be legal, is because unemployment is up and people need something to do to make money. If you're short on money, make shine. Moonshine employs thousands of people across the United States, legal or not. Moonshiners need supplies to make their stills and they buy from local people. There are several people involved in moon shinning. It takes a few people to make the operation work. Someone has to make the still, someone has to operate it, and someone has to transport the liquor. Finally, I think moonshine should be legal is because it's an America tradition. People have been making moonshine since the 1800's and it will always be around. Making moonshine is a way of life for some people and their ways of making it have been passed down from generation to generation and people refuse to give that up. These are my reasons why I think moonshine should be legal. The government can make money from taxing it, people can make a good living from it, and it's a way of life for some Americans. Moonshine is going to be around, even if it is never legalized. If moonshine does become legalized, people will still make it illegally. There are many benefits to making moonshine legal like I have discussed earlier. Good liquor never hurt anybody as long as people drink responsibly. It doesn't make sense to me that whiskey can be legal but moonshine can't be. Both beverages are really strong in alcohol concentration and there isn't much difference between them. Moonshine isn't hurting anyone; it's just another kind of alcoholic beverage like whiskey. So, make it legal. Logan Short


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