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Convenient Departure from Reality

Essay By: CursedHeart
Editorial and opinion

The saddening truth for some, the impressive truth for others, is that faith in reality is the only productive faith.

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There was a time, in my past, when faith was attainable. When I was disappointingly naive enough to ignorantly trust a simple idea; an idea that offered no physical proof of existence: no voice, no substance. It's presence in my life was purely undefined, and yet, still unquestionable. Until of course, I began to gain the skepticism to question it. What I discovered was that putting faith into something that could not be backed up by science or even it's brother, common sense, had no significant place in my life. It could not dry my ever-falling tears, nor could it wrap me in an embrace or hold my hand to stop me from falling to the ground. Faith is but a promise, and promises are often broken.

At a disturbingly young age, I discovered that faith (be it in religion, love or otherwise.) was no more than a pleasure-producing drug. Desperate people resort to medications to relieve them of this treacherous, hateful world, and in so doing, enter a world completely their own. This world contains no pain, no anger, and no grief, as it is a complete departure from reality. In fact, this fictional world often presents no emotions at all, aside from a percieved exctasy.

So, is it not the purpose of faith to offer an expectation of something far simpler and tolerable awaiting in the halls of time set before us? It is an escape from reality; a devious trap set for those who have given up on finding solice in this world.

It is with a heavy, bruised heart that I voice these opinions (for afterall, that is all they are: opinions. And as such, I assume the wording and writing style will be ignored completely and instead, the message itself harshly addressed). However, it is also with this heart that I must face the reality. For only I, and those who have also lost faith in the unseen, must truly face this world and the terrible, haunting truths of life. For us, there is no convientant escape, no false pleasures; only pure, raw, unconcentrated reality.

Do not despair for us though. We are the lucky ones. We face life as if it is our only life, our one true chance to create happiness and success. There is an all-around acceptance of life's trials and treachories and we face them with all the power that we've created, not been awarded. Our choices and mistakes are all our own, as is our life, to live it as we see fit.

And that is where I find true happiness.


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