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Social Security: Propaganda - I.R.S. & S.S.* Update: Monday, March 15, 2010

Essay By: EdwardJBradleySr
Editorial and opinion

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Update: Monday, March 15, 2010

Update: Thursday, February 18, 2010:

Thursday, February 12, 2009:

* - I.R.S. & S.S. = Incompetents Robbing Savings & Social Security.

Another attempt by the U.S. Government, using a well known and respected writer of on-line financial advice and news, to mislead the working American tax-payer.

Please read and think about it. Please feel free to share your own conclusions in the comments section. Thank you.

I encourage you to contact Lis Pulliam Weston and share your thoughts with her. Again! Thank you!

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UPDATE: Monday, March 15, 2010

Recent news tofurther inform:



UPDATE: Thursday, February 18, 2010

This update reports behavior with which I, personally, disagree. Most vehemently. Money can be replaced, though not easily. Human life, when lost,cannot. Most sadly!

Today, a frustrated tax-payer (named Joseph Stack of Austin, Texas, U.S.A.)flew an airplane into the side of a building which housed offices of the U.S. I.R.S. (Internal Revenue Service), C.I.A. (Central Intelligence Agency)& F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation). For your review:

The following hyperlinks will take you to this story: If they do not work, then copy and paste them in your hyperlink section at the top of the webpagewhich you are currently viewing. If these hyperlinks should be disabled, then I will replace them, at that time, with the original content.


The following hyperlink will take you to the on-line letter, left by Joseph Stack, prior to his destructive act.:


Thank you!

----- Original Message -----

From: Edward J. Bradley, Sr.

To: investor@microsoft.com

Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 11:17 PM

Subject: http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/RetirementandWills/CreateaPlan/5mythsAboutSocialSecurity.aspx

Liz Pulliam Weston:



This article is one of best examples of false U.S. Government propaganda ever issued by the U.S.Social Security Administration, Congress and the White House. You need to update your own knowledge base on this important topic. I am sure, most or all of the content in this article was given you by the U.S. Government. In your gullibility, you chose not to question or submit it tomore critical analysis. By either yourself or any other of your fellow information merchants.

If you can find a copy of the January, 2000 issue of the AARP Bulletin, you will find an interview with Dr. Robert Reischauer who describes the dysfunction of the U.S. Social Security System, while thinking he is confusing the reader by praising it as to how it actually works. The reader must take the time to formulate a well-reasoned diagram of what, exactly, Reischauer is revealing. Not by purposeful intent, by the way. Since then, the AARP has been receiving annual U.S. Federal $-tax-payer funded subsidies in excess of $7,000,000. Ostensibly, to help retired seniors, who cannot afford to live on what they are paid by Social Security alone, to find employment. Interesting! Wouldn't you say? (Are you being, similarly, subsidized? Lis Pulliam Weston? Just wondering.)

To assist you in your effort/s to remedy your own lack of understanding of the ways in which both Social Security and Medicare taxes (and the annual surplus revenues generated by them) are mishandled, please read the content of the following hyperlinks:






After reading, with understanding, these postings, please ask yourself the following question and consider some other facts, which are:

Question- How many times may a working American, who does not work for the U.S. Government, pay taxes on both Social Security and Medicare taxes?


1. The full $-amounts of Social Security and Medicare taxes, because they are payroll taxes, are taxed as part of the tax-payer's income, in the 1st instance.

2. The surplus revenues "borrowed" to, artifically, lower and disguise the true size of the U.S./Federal annual budget deficit and the ever-growing national debt has never been repaid. Either as a payment to the"fictional" trust fund/s of either program or to subsidize future payments or benefits. As long as there is a tax revenue"surplus", the law does not require this to be done. Which is why these taxes continue be raisedand benefitscut.

3. In the 1980's, the Reagan Administration's, so called "saving of Social Security", was a manipulation by which Social Security payroll taxes were increased and benefits were cut by raising the retirement age/s for those born after 1945 and eliminating college education benefits which surviving dependents had been receiving, until then. This was all done to increase the size of the Social Security "surplus" revenues by increasing taxes on the middle class to pay for tax cuts given to those earning more than $100,000/year.

Even today, Social Security taxes are not imposed on annual incomes of more than $100,000. Explaining why, thosereceiving annualtaxable incomes of less than $100,000 must pay more, disproportionally,in the way of U.S Income Taxes, (Does your annual taxable income exceed $100,000? Liz Pulliam Weston? Again! Just wondering! If so, then Social Security and Medicare is subsidizing your own annual income tax burden).

Social Security and Medicare "surplus" revenues are always made part of the annual federal revenue stream. Again! To mislead the tax-paying public by, artificially reducing and disguising the true size of the annual U.S. Federal Budget deficit and ever growing National Debt.

4. In the 1990's, Social Security benefits, paid to recipients, began to be treated, for the 1st time,as taxable income. For U.S.Income Tax purposes.

5. After 2000, some Medicare recipients are, now, forced to pay higher monthly Medicare premiums, deducted from their monthly Social Security payments, on the basis of income levels which are inflated by the wrongful taxation of those same monthly payments. At the same time, many medical procedures, for which patients were covered by their health insurance policies, prior to retirement and receiving Social Security and Medicare, are no longer covered and provided by Medicare. These same medical services are declared, wrongly, as "medically unnecessary". This is just a form of health care rationing, for medical services (paid for, in advance, by the retiree during their years of working and paying Social Security and Medicare taxes) which, in turn, will result in shorter life spans for many. Again! Another cut in benefits.

6. If past benefits, for prior years, are paid in a "lump sum", then the entire"lump sum" must be included, in the U.S.income-tax year in which it was received, along with all other taxable income to be taxed for that same year. Resulting in higher levels of income tax being paid than would be the case if portions of "lump sum" payments, intended for prior years, could be applied, by way of an "amended" filing for those same relevant prior years, for which the Social Security System was late in delivering those same said benefits.

7. This, also and in many cases, impacts monthly Medicare premiums which are deducted from monthly Social Security Retirement payments. As explained in Item 5 (above). In other words, for Income Tax purposes, the Social Security and Medicare programs are not distinct and separate. As you have been told and, mistakenly, believe.

Now! Why wasn't any of the aforementioned included in your own published time-line? A time-line provided you, no doubt, by some agency or employee of the U. S. Government. Which, without verification, was published as part of your on-line MSN posting.

This is all I have to say. For now!

Most respectfully and

Happy trails,

Edward J. Bradley, Sr.


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