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Essay By: JL reaper
Editorial and opinion


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Conformity is necessary for a healthy society to function. Without this social idea the world would be a very bleak place. The desire to conform is within us all. Humans are social animals by nature, so why fight against nature? We all eat, breath, and sleep. There is no reason why conformity should seem any less important. Conformity binds our society together.
What is conformity? Conformity is the willingness to change your views, behavior, or way of life to please the needs of a certain group. It is a way of thinking. Conforming is a necessary aspect of life, one that can not be avoided. We all conform in someway or another. The best example of this would be how we all conform to the laws that bind us and hold us all together. We conform to the law of the land because that is what we must do to survive. Adaptation is a must in our world.
Conforming to certain social standards and behaviors is also a must. In today's world, we must conform to please others. Being one who stands out is not allowed in a society that is ruled by conformity, and we must adapt to how things are run, other wise the social order of things would collapse. It is the idea that the majority rule and the minority fade or adapt.
You cannot fight conformity, only embrace it. Once you embrace this idea, life will seem so much clearer. We all wish to be accepted by certain groups or be praised by certain people. Conformity allows us the chance to belong. Conformity is the one social thing we have in common.
Society is a powerful and triumphant force. The individual can only have so much freedom. Laws and social regulations bind us all. People generally want to be accepted by those around them. This is the natural order of things. People become what others want them to be and there is nothing wrong with that. The prevailing opinion is the right opinion in most cases.
Why do you think human beings are drawn to one another? We are social animals by nature. Have you ever been shunned by a particular group because you were different? How did you feel? Most would feel anger, hated, and sorrow. An outcast's life is a life full of pain. The outcast is to be pitied. Those who cannot function within society shall never experience the bliss of unity, of belonging.
However, some outcasts can learn to conform and thrive from it. There was once a girl named Mallory. She rebelled against all social protocol. Mainstream was her enemy and isolation was her friend. She was a rather stunning looking girl. She had a very athletic body and could have been very useful in team sports. The only problem was that Mallory detested all forms of sport. She did not want to become a member of a collective athletic system. Her ideals were too strong and her conviction would not break, but over time she was drawn to her destiny.
Everyone wanted her to be apart of the local cheerleading team, Even her mother, who had been one years before her daughter was born. Mallory hated the pressure she received from peers and family alike. Her life seemed out of her grasp. Eventually, she signed up for the cheerleading team and was surprisingly accepted. During her early days on the squad, the teenager found a new life. The so called "popular crowd" took her in with ease. Mallory could not help but be drawn in by her new peers.
She made friends with former enemies, and came to understand the importance of community. Her ideals changed. She became a cheerleader and in turn entered the social system. She became what others wanted her to be. Bowing to such want allows life to become simple.


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