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A woman is not a woman until she has children

Essay By: kellyannshirley
Editorial and opinion

This is an essay that I wrote for my freshman English class. It is and argumentative essay. s don't let the tittle fool you.

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A woman can not always be defined by haveing children, cleaning house, or cooking. Nor should a woman be defined by her father or husband. A woman is a feminine creature rounded in many walks of life, from being hardened to life's demands and soft and nurturing in her heart. A woman is many things from childbearing to being ruthless in her ways. A woman's life plays many parts from her life to other people's live's, from husband, to children, to friend's and family. A woman can be a bright star or a cloud of doom in many aspaect's of her life. wwomen of today walk many path's and there is not one single fraise that can define a woman for she defines herself. A woman is a person that can stand on her own two feet, but when she needs help she will ask for it. A woman is a person that puts her family first and formost.

In the early 1900's women didnt have many rights if any at all. They were simply expected to work in the home or out in the fields with their husbands. women were not allowed to own property or even vote. The jobs that a lot of the wemon had to endure, were those of prostitutes in saloons, or sweeping floors for one of the local bussinesses. If a woman was lucky she would be able to get a job as a school teacher. Even then the wages werent enough to survive on. Their were some women like Clamity Jane, Anny Oakley, and Bell Star that made there way in the world by either dressing and acting like a man, becoming a shootist, or an out law. These three women were trying to survive in a mans world and they were shot down and degraded for the way they acted and lived. It was not considered to be lady like in those times.

Now in 2012 women work the same jobs and earn the same wages as men. we are no longer expected to stay at home barefoot and pregnate. Their are even some family's were the men stay home and take care of the children while the wemon go out and work. We are no longer considered to be property or trophies for men to show off. It no longer matters if we have children or not. What matters is if we can survive in this world, how we treat the people that we love and care about, and what we do with our lives.

If my grandmother was alive today she would tell you that even though she had nine children, they weren't what made her a woman. It was the actions that she took, the decisions that she made, and the way she chose to live her life. My grandmother was a woman that demanded respect not just from her husband, children or even grandchildren, but from the people that she met in the street, at church, or even in the grocery store. I remember a time when my Grandmother worked two Jobs. I remember how she would go to work, come home for a few hours of sleep and go right back to work, yet she always had time for other's. No matter what they needed or who they were. If a woman is defined by her children or husband, then she was one of the best women whom I have ever met.

Just as a man is judged by his integrity, his choices, how he treats others, and how he lives his life, a woman should be judged in the same way. not by if she has children or not. there are some women in this world that simply can't have children. while there are others that can have children, but act more childish than the kids they are supposed to be raising. I have seen women that work day and night just to survive. They didnt have any children or a husband but they are some of the most responsible people that I know. while at the same time I know of girls that have to or three children and a husband, but no since of responsibility. They don"t know who they are or where they want to go with their lives. I have seen some that couldnt care where they or their children will be from day to day. They just want to live for the moment.

I was thirteen when I had my first child, and although I tried to be a good mother I was no where near ready to say that I was a woman. I know have seven children of my own and a husband but they are not what makes me a woman, although my children are what made me who I am today. My family is my life, but it took me years of learning from my mistakes and the choices that I have made in my life to finally be able to look myself in the mirror and call myself a woman. Even now I look at myself and wonder if I am a woman or a girl pretending to be a woman.

The Quote" a woman is not a woman untill she has children" can be interpreted in many different ways. some would say that the quote is true a girl can't be considered a woman untill she has children. While others may say that it doesnt matter if you have children, what matters is who you are, but can anyone really define a woman? Women come from all different walks of life and most of us have different ideas on how a woman should be viewed. My own daughters may have a different idea of how a woman should be seen, just as i have a different view from my mother.


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