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Some of my thoughts about my life. Sit back and enjoy the read.

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An Adventure?
I feel like I'm in the middle of my own action movie, and I'm the player hollering out to the other passengers "I'm too old for this shiiiiitttt!"
Everything in my life seems to be like an adventure. Going to the grocery store, list in hand and kids in tow, two hours in there can go slower than a bad B-film. I don't know how many times we have to find the list that my 7-year old lost. Not to mention everywhere we turn, my older one, who is 11, thinks that we need that Hannah Montana box of cereal. Or the Hannah Montana pop-tarts. Or, worse yet, the Hannah Montana singing lollipop. (Can you guess I'm burned out on Hannah Montana?) By the time we get to the check-out, I have to go through the cart to make sure all the items I originally wanted are still in the cart, not to mention to toss out the extras that my kids threw in there.
What is about drama we are attracted to? I for one have little or no drama in my life. Yet, somehow it tends to find me through the people I know. Somebody is always calling me asking, "Oh. My. Gawd. Can you guess what so-and-so did?" Then they launch into the theatrics of human nature, giving me each and every specific detail, whether I wanted to really know or not. And, there I am listening intently. Delicately choosing my words, I usually say something to the nature of, "Well, what does this have to do with you?" And the person is stunned into silence for a moment. It's a short moment, but yet it's a moment I treasure. Which is usually followed by a quick and striking retort, hoping to hurt my feelings. In which case, hardly ever works, because I know that I'm not involved in their drama. People crack me up, they really do. They always think that they are right, even though we are all entitled to our own opinions. Luckily, I live in a democracy, and I get to listen to all their opinions. Yep, lucky me. I especially love the people who really think they are random. In which case, I invite you to dig in my other stories/poetry and look up my essay entitled Random: What Does It All Really Mean?
I really enjoy the days where I have no set schedule. Sure, I have to get up decently early, due to my 7-year old being a morning person. If I don't get up, I get to hear "Momma! Momma! MOMMA!" until I do come to check on her. Occasionally, I wake up to the sound of her crying like she's lost her best friend in the whole wide world. When I approach her door, I can hear her getting up away from the door, waiting for me to open it. Opening it, I find a smiling beautiful child saying, "Hey, momma." And she wraps her arms around me, as if she hasn't seen me in months.
So, there are really times where I feel like I'm getting to old for this. Every day is an adventure, and one that I don't necessarily want to go on. Looking through some of my older works here on Booksie, I have found that the topics for the most of my poems, stories, essays and such are the theatrics that surround me. Human nature will always intrigue me, and drama will always find me, and therefore I will always have something to write about.


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