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By: maystar

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It is a bit confusing to me. I know that cominuism is wrong but for some people it is alright to be treated differently. Firstly Cominuism (For those who don't know, is treating people who are different or lower status differently, like a poor person with no respect. It is said that everyone should be treated the same, but they are clearly different.

Does it apply to others with special needs as well? Like someone on a wheelchair? Is it fair to treat them the same or is it seen as looking down at them? Expecting them to do less because of their circumstances? Because if you treat them differently sometimes they will be offended but if ypu teat them the same they might not be able to cope. So does comunisim apply here or do we treat them like any other person?

Also criminals. Are they to be treated with respect?

So why do peop[le make a fuss on cominiusm if it is continued tod ay anbd it will help some people?

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