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The Black African 'Despot' and The Latin American 'Dictator'

Essay By: Patricia McGurk Martin
Editorial and opinion

I examine racial stereotypes through this whimsical approach to tearing down the media perceptions of black African leaders and their followers, as well as the Latin American leaders who are charismatic, as well.

I hope you enjoy my point of view, with a few thoughts on women and gender struggles here in the United States added at the end of this essay.

I include a photograph I took years ago of an oppossum hanging (very alive) by choice from a tree branch to demonstrate how many of us feel due to the marginalization of racial and gender terror.

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The Black African Despot and The Latin American "Dictator"

© 2011 Patricia McGurk Martin Hearst Himmler

The Black African Despot Theme:

living in a world of brutality

African charismatic leaders are concerned and focused about their people's race and the forward motion of blackness, in general.

the Continuum is his, the African leader no matter what his politics are, the black Continuum is his expression as a leader

Sometimes crimes are blamed on the black man, the African leader perhaps he did it no one is sure except the U.S. media is usually confident he is guilty.

but the Continuum is his, the African leader who does not try to be a despot but is forced into it through ugly confrontations.

People Grieve when murders are blamed on their God of Black Africanness, their leaders are sometimes gods and It Becomes Too Much if they fail. So they forgive them and pick them back up from the dirt to restore their dignity.

To Women he is a Religious Leader, and to the men, Representing Their Husbands' Roles and Manhood (They can take or leave him the rest of the time)

Women wear special boots to honor him and may prance by in red or brightly-colored boots if they feel like it, and if they are young. They celebrate him.

The American Expression of Africanism in the Leader: Could include an American Black onr - good and bad without using his name but his dashiki as a symbol of Black Power and Pride.

Perhaps he followed Walter Washington, Walter Fauntroy and got to lift up Black pride in a better role than they had although in turbulent times known as "the Sixties".

His face sometimes looks white to me through the craggy white South African face reflected in him, in his face as well.

Refer to the African face here that makes many think of the African despot helped by the media. The American black leader may have lost following in the white "elite" that he once enjoyed. He could have ended up being seen as a local black African "despot" by the white race, and his leadership consequently questioned in unexamined, perhaps recent social periods of turbulence, of racial turbulence.

The black intelligentsia may have doubted the black leader, but the everyday people (mostly black, but some whites) usually didn't doubt him in the African tradition of maintaining the Black Continuum for everyone to have dignity, and the sons and daughters to succeed in the future, overall.

More than anything, the beautiful music with the powerful drumbeats that remind everyone of Africa's beauty and spiritual power (their power) was not through playing. The drums continue as they pick the black leader, now in the United States, up from the dirt and lift him back up.

The Latin American Dictator Theme:

People refer to him as Pol Pot no matter who he is, or what his race is.

They sometimes think he is a Marxist Guerrilla named Che Guevarra (they saw the movie).

or a Commie Nazi Operative

People think he is a member of a group like the former Shining Path, sells drugs and works for the CIA (they read the old Washington Post expose series).

Could be counter-intelligence for the enemy

He is visualized as living on the razor's edge, off of dirt roads with tents nearby in the rain - somewhere isolated and dangerous.

His charismatic leadership expresses the forward motion of what is seen as the racial sound of Ongoing Spanish with broadly rolled rr's in his mouth when he or any of his deputies speak.

There is also an inflection, even a style of speaking Spanish, yielding a reduced sense of Latin American heritage expressed through a deliberately flat Native Indian or American English sound for everyday speaking. This is especially useful with the white race who only understand this style.

The fear of Puerto Rico as another Cuba comes to mind for some American leaders while looking at this man as Fidel Castro = reborn in perhaps Guatemala or an out-of-the-way place like Peru. This strikes fear in some men's hearts in the U.S.

His role is always Rising Out of Indian Greatness

Blackness arises in him, as well, with Atrocities Committed Against the Indian Nation

American white women look at his photo in the newspaper or on TV and think "he is a rough man who had a rough life." They don't really like his face, and may turn the channel on TV as he doesn't speak English, anyway.

Her husband may say "You don't need to look at this."

People think of mass graves and he frightens them as they worry about karma against the United States aggressive foreign policy coming here.

Some military personnel may think of the "yellow peril" or the "red menace" racial stereotypes as spreading aggressively as stains of color on their maps. Unfortunately, they may see them as not really people through the prism of race paranoia, prevalent in the U.S.

Looking at the Latin American leader's face, many white men worry once more about their way of life being threatened. They think about how secure the U.S. military is, or the police at the borders of Mexico.

They make plans to bolster what they are doing to prevent crossings at the borders, at least by "illegals" (they call them this or the terrible racist term "wetbacks" for crossing the Rio Grande River illegally and their backs get wet for swimming - said about Spanish speaking immigrants.

These individuals may say they didn't mean anything offensive by using this term, "wetbacks" - but they did and do mean to offend using this terrible term.

Spanish speaking people who are activists in the US work hard to describe ethnic stereotypes so we may be enlightened enough not to use these ugly words. They fail to defend his face successfully because people's minds are made up because of stereotypes on TV, where the armed members were all described as terrorist murderers of their own people, and they look like him to the American TV viewer.

Only one American TV or movie star remotely brings the Latin American Dictator's face, language or his people to mind, no more than one major Hispanic actor exists. This is why the dictator with the mean face stereotype prevails through television news reports that are unfair to Spanish speaking people - and Africans, when they are covered on TV. When they represented, the coverage is usually about corruption with negative images of Africans - never anything good is said about either group.

The U.S. Backdrop: Notes on a High Level of Rage

U.S. Leaders and the Government are currently on the Emotional Margins (The Margins of No Caring) around the world as potential dictators and despots arise in other countries = with no objections from anyone until the confrontations become armed struggle. It is far too late to object, and objections are better voiced through international diplomacy early to prevent loss of life, as well as to prevent insulting people of other races in their often nascent national expressions of political will.

Hated for Race and Gender Through Oppression and Torture. Women are tortured in all the races now everywhere in the world. Torture of Women produces Rage in the Men in Every Race who are rising up to defend the women they stood apart from in the past, sometimes due to religious or cultural pressures that felt like restrictions.

When women cannot justify their faith in men in their society, they sometimes turn on the men in their lives for deceiving them about the government, and the whole raw deal.

They may realize that they were right in feeling they had no leaders at all in the barren deserts of their lives, at home and in the world. This produces rage because women compromise their dreams constantly to help it all work. They realize their sacrifices were for nothing and become very angry because their lives may have added up to nothing, especially as their husbands leave them for younger women, all too often. Or they just leave them emotionally, which is a terrible, cold prison in which to live for anyone, particularly a woman who still loves her husband.

For abandoning the women and children, and for not staying with the human race the United States surely is in world isolation now after public ritual crimes for years, culminating with the gang ritual rape and murder attempt of the first woman Pope and monarch by birth.


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