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Who is the smater race white or black? who invented the most stuff?

Essay By: princess onika auguste
Editorial and opinion

just an essay trying to understand why whites think they are the better race and superior and why blacks think the same way.

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i was speaking to my friend Caroline who is a pyschology and biology major and went into an account about which race invented everything. and to let you guys know we are both "of the black race". i disagree ofcourse because i believed that each "race" in their own right has contrubited to society. but first lets ask ourselves who is white and who is black and i am sure when we answer this question we'll shock ourselves. now according to the MSN Encarta the term white people or caucasian can mean light skinned people of europe, western asia, the middle east , north afica and india. who are the black people or whose black according to the MSN Encarta and wikipedia encyclopedia the term black people can mean darkskinned people who live in sub sahara africa,oceania, southeast asia and south asia. so now wee have knoweledge of who is black and who is white let me start this essay.

it is now clear of the white and black race and who fits into what , we have the northern indians from india, the chinese, the japanese, the europeans, the arabs, the jews, the berbers, the ancient phonecians, the ancient persians and mestopians fittting into the white cateogory and the black you have the egyptians ancient, the southern indians , ethoipa, cush and most of africa. which brings me to this question if the greeks invented democracy, the southern indians invented calcalus, both the greeks and the egyptians and the arabsmade great contributions to modern day medince and knew how to make the human body perfect in art forms. and the alphatet we use is what the phonecians invented and the greeks added the vowels and we have all the human race has a common ancestor in africa why the hell there is racism? did you know the romans were master enginnererssome of the roads in britian, france, turkey, egypt, north africa that we see today the romans built them over 2000 years ago, the egyptians knew about the human body and some of the medical things they did is used 2000 years later, so why are we even arguing.?

racism or race is a fairly recent term it is only about 200 to 500 years old. the ancient peoples did not

think on race yes they had wars and slavery but it was on base on race or racism but debts and war, even the transatlantic slave trade where the europeans were taking slaves from africa did not start out because they at first thought blacks were inferior , they went to africa at first because africans were easier to access, they were use to the climate and hard work and for economic reasons. africans were the europeans last restort after enslaving the native and amerindian populations and putting their own people in indentured servantship in which is proven that a slave was feed and treated much better than a poor "free" white servant. it is when the native populations started to die out and they own people started to die or leave they realized they needed a stronger race. the idea of race and racism started after the atlantic slave trade started it was not a reason. most "black" people will be surprise to know that during the slave trade "white " people from christian europe was being enslaved in north africa.

what i am trying to say neither "white" or " black" and i use these terms loosely can say they are starter than the other or can point the finger as to who started slavery first for egyptians had " white" greek slaves and the romans had " black" egyptians slaves. slavery has been here from the begining of time.

many people also say that blacks are more spirtual then whites but i disagree because the word spirtual is not the word i'll use. yes blacks are more emotional than whites i'll agree to that but whites are more affectionate than blacks. a white person will say i love you to their loved ones but tell a black man to tell his loved ones the l word and he'll ask if you are crazy black men especially in the caribbean and the united states. yes blacks are more "emotional and love to give prasie but christianity , islam and judaism are white religiions. while we were still worshipping our ancestors in africa , the peoples of north africa, europe and the middle east were already christians, or muslims or jews.


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