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Why does Cinderella and beauty and the beast lived on more than any other fairytale

Essay By: princess onika auguste
Editorial and opinion

just ramblings about cinderalla and beauty and the beast

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when i was younger i loved reading the fairytales and watching the disney versions of them. in fact i still enjoy them. my favourites are rapzuel, sleeping beauty, snow white, the frog prince, thumbinela, and ofcourse beauty and the beast and cinderalla. as i grew older reading and watching television i realized out of the the fairytales that are out there and believe me there a lot trust me when i say that , since i am english major i get to read lots of literature in english and that was transalated into english, many of the fairytales have counterparts in other languages and cultures there is not only one version of the cinderella story, there's the Grimm Brothers version which was orignially in German and there is Charles Perrualt's version which was in french plus there's an ancient egyptian, greek, indian version. so there are many versions of various fairytales. i like i was trying to say before i got carried away above out of all the fairytales i realized that cinderalla and beauty and the beast are the ones that novelists , movie makers remake of. those two stand the test of time.

and i think i know why most of us both male and female have once had the cinderalla complex where we clean and do all the work , ill treated by family members not necesscarily your stepmother or friends and all of us dream of a better life. hence our love for this fairytale and hollywood as gotten wind of our cinderalla complex hence the many movies with a sort of cinderalla person whether male or female and how they move from rags to riches and they find their prince or princess charming.

example of such movies are the cinderalla man, ever after, the princess diaries, maid in mantahattan, and i am sure there are countless others. like i said eariler on i think most of us have this complex where a lot of us especially women dream of prince charming coming to your house with the glass slipper and place on your foot and take away to his kingdom or for man glass sneaker or boot and to her kingdom all of us including me infact i am still waiting for my prince charming. it's like hollywood sees the need for a cinderalla story and they not the only ones romance novelists too are including in taking advantage of the cinderalla syndrome we all have. i lot of the romance novelists i read have this plain, probably not too poor, maybe middle class who has cinderalla type qualities and many of their prince charmings are either kings, princes, billionares, millionares or either wise very rich and they usually have some island or hotel or house far away depends on the novelists.

when i think of this i realize that me and many thousands of people out there want a happily ever after or believe that it still exists even though the divorce rate is high in some parts of the world which brings me to the beauty and the beast syndrome. yes many of us have this syndrome where we think a beautiful and intelligent and caring woman tries to tame a wild man who does not neccessarly have to be ulgy but have beastly characterstics.

while the cinderalla syndrome is plausable i think the beauty and beast one is really insane and can only happen in fairytales and in fiction. the beauty and the beast syndrome is the one which seems to have really come to life where a man or woman try to tame a"beastly " woman and man and most times end up in disater sometimes even murder.

what i really want to know is why cinderalla and beauty and beast and not the sleeping beauty or snow white or the frog prince or thumblina or any other fairytale that is constanly being remake or have some way come to life. why are we obbessed with cinderalla and beauty and the beast and not the other tales and believe some of the othertales are much better than those two well at least in my opinion.

why these two fairytales have stood the test of time and not the others what makes them different


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