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What is it really?

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You know it astounds me how many people throw their hat into the Occupy Movement without clearlyresearching what it's about. Themoment is mostly an anti-greed protest. Its mission is to take down what they callCorporatism.Corporatism is the control of agovernment bybusinesses it is one of the many types ofTyranny.The system of Corporatism takes hold under what is known asCrony-Capitalism.Here is the WikkiDefinition: 'Crony capitalismis a term describing acapitalisteconomy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials. It may be exhibited by favoritism in the distribution of legal permits, government grants, specialtax breaks, and so forth.

Crony capitalism is believed to arise when politicalcronyismspills over into the business world; self-serving friendships and family ties between businessmen and the government influence the economy and society to the extent that it corruptspublic-servingeconomic and political ideals. ' This is a twisted form ofCapitalism.It co-ops true Capitalism. It comes when people as a nationceaseto be honest, honorable,virtuous, and full ofmerit.

Capitalismis an economic system wherebusinessesare owned by private individuals and not by the government it is a system where the success of abusiness isdependent on people purchasing the items they sell. It encourages competition between two or morebusinessesthat sell the same or similar items. Under Capitalism the people choose what they want depending on their desire. Competition betweenbusinessesallow the prices of items to go down this isin orderfor onebusinesstoprovide aservice that out performs what anotherbusiness offers. It allows people to use their agency to buy based off their needs, wants,desires, hopes, and dreams. It protects theFreedomandLibertythat are provided buy our Creator as ourInalienableRights.However, it is not a perfect system it does notguarantee success and it allowscorruption to take hold. It was never meant to be a perfect UTOPIAN system, by anystretchof the imagination.Even so, It is thus far the best system because it is basedprimarily on each individual person making their owndecisionson what they wish to buy and become. It encourages imagination andingenuity. Despite the fact that it does notguarantee a persons success it allows for everyone to haveEqualOpportunity.If a person can think of something that many people would be willing to buy than that person is on a path tosucceedingunder Capitalism. Under this system there are only two things that may hold you down 1) your imagination (If you don't have one you wont get very far) and 2) The Government (telling you what you can and cannot legally do).Citizens under Capitalism have less chance of success thelarger and moreinterfering the Government is. Capitalism does promote and defend theexistenceofGovernment but it asks for no more than what is minimally required in regulations by theGovernment.Increase in Security is Decrease in Liberty.It supports Freedom, Liberty, Justice, and Security. Therefore, Capitalism does want laws, rules, regulation, and protection. It is not a economic system likeAnarchy.

The protesters in the OCCUPY MOVEMENT want to end Capitalism because of their hatred for theCorporate Corruption and Greed that has taken hold of this world. The news media has all but ignored themoment stating that it is "Merely a protest of angrycitizens against theoppressionofCorporatism." Wile, this is the truth there is a deeper message that is being made by thismomentthat has swept the world. The protest does not seem to have a very direct and unified message. It has within it many different organizations demanding many different things. However, despite the ununified message there is a very unified goal and it is to take down and destroy Greed, Capitalism, Freedom, Liberty, and finally the mostappallingof all... The destruction of Israel and the Extinction of the Jews. Imediatly people will say that I'm crazy and I don't know what I'm talking about... REALLY ALL OF YOU KNOW THAT MY PASSION IN LIFE IS LEARNING ABOUT HISTORY!! YOU IGNORED ME ON EVERY SINGLE WARNING I'VE GIVEN THUS FAR JUST PLEASE HEAR ME OUT LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE TO SAY BECAUSE I'M NOT SAYING IT FOR MY SAKE I DON'T CARE IF I DIE BUT I CARE IF YOU DO!! Themovement is funded by these organizationsSEIU, Code PINK, The Open Society Institute, The Tides Foundation, Frances Fox Piven,CPUSA,SP-USA, The Anarchist Party, The Nazi Party, and Finally the shadowy organization known as Anonymous.

Steven Learneris the main man fromSEIUhe created a conspiracy to"Necessarily overthrow the United States Governmentby capturing and murdering the bankers in Wall Street"This conspiracy started last year and was eventually stopped when the news media exposed it.

Code PINKwas founded by several women such asJodi EvansandMedeaBenjamin. On their website they openlydeclare their funding to OccupyWall Street, their belief in a banner known asSocial Justicewhich is aCommunistmotto, andtheir belief thatIsrael and the Jews are the mainobstacle to world peace. They speak with glee about how they protested andinterrupteda speechthatBenjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, gave during a meeting with Congress.Theydeclaredthat the Jews should leave the Middle East or Perish.

TheOpen Society Instituteis theorganization that is owned and operated bybillionaireGeorge SorosThe 12thrichest man on earth. He believes in uniting the world into one government which he calls an "Open society" meaning aborder-less world. He has stated in interviews that you can look up on the web that"America is the biggest obstacle to man's Freedom and it should be re-envisionedor collapsed"

TheTides Foundationis owned by a man namedVan Jones.Van Jones is a Communist revolutionary who co-founded an organization back in the 60's called theWeather Undergroundit was a protestmovementthat called for open Anarchy and the slaughter of 1000's of people in the name of agloriousrevolutioninto an equal and Socialist world.Van Jones was one of the members under the Obama Administration inside the White House as Obama'sEnvironmentalAdviser.He is amillionaire that coordinated the OccupyMovement.

Frances Fox Pivenis the creator of the philosophy of Cloward and Piven. Their strategy was toinsight chaos, and anarchy in the streets as well as collapse the United States by getting everyone on Welfare. They knew that if everyone got on Welfare it would eventually beunsustainableand and the United States would be destroyed.

Who would have guessed thatCPUSAwould be funding themovement from the start hmmm I wonder.... Any way CPUSA is the Communist Party of America it wants a Socialist, Communist world whether through peaceful protest or violentrevolutionthey have stated that they do not care as long as they get their "Ideal and equalSystem." Did you know thatHitlar is responsible for the death of about 12million people? Did you also know thatStalin alone, who is just one Communist leader, is responsible for the murder of over 20million people?And finally did you know thatadding up all the people that have been murdered by Communists even to this day is over 1,150,ooo,000 or1billion 1 hundred and 50 million people?

SP-USAis almost no different to CPUSA. There used to be a debate that Socialists and Communists were two different organizations but if you go to theirwebsites you'll see that they both support each other, they both are calling for the same thing, and they both fund the OCCUPY MOVEMENT... Imagine that... I'm sure it's all just acoincidence.

Now we are on to theAnarchists.Okay all you have to do is look up anarchist violence in theoccupy the worldmovementand it will pop up with several videos from different countries where anarchists are doing what they always do: Kill people, light cars and buildings on fire, throw bottles and bombs at police officers and draw a BigAwith a circle but don't worry it's a peaceful protest.

Moving on we have theNazi Party.Well how great the Nazi's are in too and not just in America butacrossthe entire world.They are alsodeclaringtheir hate for Capitalism and bringing up old Antisemitism have said that they support OCCUPY to kill the Zionist, Jewish, Bankers.... hmmm Does this sound like historyrepeating it's self it seems to me like everyone I run into loves the OCCUPY PROTEST.

Nowfinally we come to the secret organization calledAnonymous. This is the organization that needs to be paid moreattentionto. They do not expose their identity and they do not represent themselves asindividuals, instead theyrefer to themselves as a collective. In essence their motto is"We are LEGION, We are the Collective, We are the 99%, We are watching, We never forgive, we nevert forget, Expect Us"They usevarious techniques to hide who they are they like to use a mask and use computer voice signatures. Thephrase WE ARE THE 99% that is used in the OCCUPY MOVEMENT comes from Anonymous.The organization hasdeclared war on many things that I also hate such as the Church of Scientology, Obama,Corporatism, and the Federal Reserve. They claim to be protectors of freedom of speech on the internet. It's funny because 99% of what they say I agree with but there's this thing about them that makes mehesitant. 1st of all they havedeclaredthat not every member ofAnonymous agree's with one another. This flaws the organization. In watching their official videos they seem to constantly contradict each other video. On the one hand the call for war, send viruses, hack internet websites, and send death threats and then on the other hand they come out with astatementthatviolenceis not theirintention. This is a big problem for a group that doesn't use the word 'I' but instead uses 'we'. When they send out a statement they talk as if for the entire group and then when they do something evil they say that the organization is made of diverse individuals. In any case they are one of the most major backers of the Occupy Movement. Some of theirstatementshave been peaceful and others have called for Communism and violent overthrow. This much is clear... They agree that they hate the current system of government and the world and they agree on attackingbusinesses that they see as corrupt. You can look these people up onYoutube or AnonOpsThey do not seem to have an official website.

Well there you have it I know no one will read this but at least I spent 5 hoursresearching andwritingabout something that's actually important. sorry for any spelling or grammar errors.


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