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Analyzing Ronald Reagan Campaign Ad

Essay By: TheCritic
Editorial and opinion

Essay analyzing one of the TV ads use by Ronald Reagan during his reelection campaign. A deep analysis on the TV ad's appeals, music, and statistics.

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"Its morning again in America," that was the slogan that Ronald Reagan used during his reelection campaign, which led him to his second term in 1984. The TV ads for his campaign played a very important role in getting his message clear to the American people. The Ronald Reagan campaign ad uses audio such as patriotic music and a confident voice, optimistic statistics, and scenes that appeal to emotions in order to communicate to American adults that with Ronald Reagan as president, America will be happy and prosperous.

Almost all TV ads use audio, because it can easily appeal to emotions, and even change people's mood. In the TV commercial a classic, soft, and calm song begins to play at the beginning, which brings the sense of tranquility and that everything is going great. The song fits perfectly the idea of "morning in America," because things in the early morning are always calm. As the video continues, the music beat changes and reaches a point where the song's rhythm appeals to patriotism. Exactly at that same point, the voice in the video talks about confidence in the future to make its audience feel confident about America's future. In most of the cases, the song's rhythm and tone changes simultaneously as the scenes change with this technique it is easier for the ad to target the audience's senses more effectively. An example of this technique occurs almost at the end when the song's beat is very low, but when it changes to the scene of two kids watching the American flag wave, the beat goes up and causes that feeling of pride for America. The song in this ad plays a very important role when it comes to the impact that it has on the audience.

The audio in this video also contains a voice, which is used to expresses some statistics. Through the video, the man's voice never changes tone, but what does change is the song's rhythm. The more the man speaks, the higher the beat of the song goes, but when he stops talking, the beat goes down. The song serves as the emotions of the man. The man's voice sounds confident, calm, and cold, just like a president should be. The voice also uses different language techniques to make their message clearer. An example of these language techniques is the use of repetition through the video; the voice repeats "Its morning again in America." The repetition would remind the audience of Ronald Reagan, because that was the slogan of his campaign. The song and voice in this ad are complements of each other, and they both help the message be more effective.

Ronald Reagan's campaign ad also provides some important statistics that are essential for Americans to understand the economic situation of the country. The statistics in the ad are also organized in level of importance. The first statistic explains that more men and women are going to work than ever before in America's history. Work is the main statistic that people look for to see if the economy is doing fine. The second thing that the ad mentions is that interest rates reached a record high, which means that the inflation that was affecting the U.S. economy in that time period was being fixed by Ronald Reagan. The third item that the ad talks about is homes, which play a very important role in the U.S. economy. The ad tells the audience that now every single day two thousand homes are bought, provoking the feeling of aspiration to all the people who did not own one. A very interesting thing in this statistic is the use of the word "home" instead of the word house, and the purpose of that use was probably to cause the feeling of family tenderness, which is important in American culture and also portrays Reagan as a family man. The statistics of people getting married is attached to the one of the inflation, because inflation can affect young people retirement plans. Statistics in this ad were well used and make the audience feel more comfortable and secure with Ronald Reagan.

The different scenes shown in this ad go parallel to what the voice is saying, and it makes the message solid. Watching people moving into a brand new home makes the audience put themselves in that position which again appeals to aspiration. The grandmother in the wedding gives the impression that a good and bright future is to come to the recently wed couple, and her smiles express hope, tenderness, and happiness. Following the Capitol scene, there are three scenes in which the American flag is waving and is being raised. The first one shows a group of kids looking high, watching the flag wave, and that makes the audience feelings of pride and patriotism; at the same time, the voice says "Our country is prouder." The second scene shows a muscular fireman raising the flag and the voice says "Stronger." Finally the third scene shows an average American man raising the flag, and the voice says "and Better." These three scenes summarize the whole message of the video in three basic words that sound attractive to voters. The scenes in this video appeal to the audience's emotions to make the message more dynamic.

The TV ad uses audio, statistics, and particular scenes that appeal to emotions in order to get American adults believe that Ronald Regan as president will make America prouder, stronger, and better. The ad's good use of the music and voice, combined with scenes that were perfectly made to go along with the audio, make the message compact by targeting the audience's hearing and sight senses at the same time, therefore making the message easier for them to digest and store. The TV ad uses a lot of techniques such as listening and repetition to make that message more effective. Furthermore, the statistics used in this video are exactly the ones that people want to know, and this helps the effectiveness of the message. Americans adults who watch this TV ad would have high chances of believing that Ronald Reagan will make America be happy and prosperous.

Link to TV Ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7kd4OfYTn4


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