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Essay By: umuekempi
Editorial and opinion

Tags: Africa

It was perfectly reasonable for ancient Black race culture in west coast Atlantic ocean Africa land ofuprising risen sun east Bight of Biafra tobelieve in Alchemy.More over ,while the Alchemist of the day may not have mastered the art of transmuting one element into another -an ordeal that we have since learned requires serious celestial mechanisim toollike particle accelerator,or the belly of a star god companion kind of gearin connect dit artr draw frameworkog glorious spiritualhead being that yielded a bounty of valuable spinoffs,including new spellbrilliant thought palnt contributions of othe brilliant stars that now shine brighter to showcase bright big picture paints ofplanet earth image of Africa .One of the behavioural trend I have studied here in west coast Atlantic ocean Africa Bight of Biafra , the land uprising risen sun - east is that of giving up, which is born out of "hoppeless" thinking and words of "WHITE SON OF GOD CHRIST LIKE IMAGE" SECOND COMING EXPECTATION . We often give up on great deception teachings of dishonest scribes who seek to change the law and time of backward race culture and values with falsehood techings about nature made idol universal figure glorious spiritual head being host body of human race in one language body of Africa. Indeed, the kind of people and things that we surround ourselves with , thoughts and words we think or utter will invariably determine the kind of results we get and ultimately the kind of person we become in life as the breakup image world framework become void to one body order compliant glorious spiritual head being complex building heart center temple house body of manhood host knowledge in air form central core fluid intelligent system atmosphere. If we cannot totally escape from these breakup image world framework surroundings , we must rediscover and redevelop a coping or immune mechanism to their negative and destructive influence of church age make belief teachings thought plants . For progress , peace and prosperity we need only hang around people and things think and utter the right words of positive affirmation that add to or multiple our proper good sense of judgment to our need.

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Alchemy,the power of transmuting one chemical into another in air formcentralcore fluidintelligent systematmospherecomplex building heartcenter templehouse body of cosmickindof beastis reala devotion to celestial mechanismthat is been applied tocontrol environment.The desire totrnasformavery high invisible string likeparticle beamoflight star godparticleproperty intocomplex building crystal carbon copy frameworkofancient landmarkplateof Africa in air formcosmicmicrowaveradiation abckgroundof Atlanticocean current motion appear as proper good sense ofjudgment for Alchemist .Someone may ask,is it not madness to proposeso? Perhapsmade by exposure tosunlightvery high invisible string like particle beam ofl light in airformcentralcore fluid intelligent system atmosphere breathe taken inspiration ofothe brilliant stars thought plant contributions who are stubbornly blind tothe truth.


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