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Why do we fight each other; the world is dying.

Miscellaneous By: clivethepoet
Editorial and opinion

Tags: War, Fighting, Love, Lack, Need, You, Me

Your mind has stopped communicating with your heart; and this is why....

Submitted:Jun 28, 2011    Reads: 28    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Who are we that death is nothing to us any more, not felt as death, as at a time when death was as painful to the heart - when felt - as when one burns himself with fire; can you truly comprehend how one should feel when hearing of a massacre where people die, perishing irregardless of the cause.... Is life only important to you, to yourself, not caring if another human being - wherever around the world dies; for so many deaths can be called upon to reveal when a massacre occurred - where many people lost their lives - which should bring tears to your heart making your mind wonder of why humanity does this to itself.

I would have loved to re-educate you on all the genocides which the world has seen and had to endure, but why remind you on past wrongs which you should have already cried on... and just get to my missions goal of making new tears come out of you, where my vision is to draw from your heart, feelings of worry and heartache when this seasons genocides are occuring in real time which you are aware of but emotionally disconnected from. Hunger, war, hate and discrimination are what your heart and mind should be connecting each other with; where the mind comprehends our worlds activities and relays what it sees to the heart which should pick the right emotion to relay back to the mind, where at end, crying or sadness should be the outcome. Though this is not occuring as it should be, for this world is too clever and too deceptive as it shows you all the pain that its doing to itself, and plays it out as not much of a big deal. You should see, and realise that it is. Your mind, what its not doing, which it should be doing, should transfer all its seeing to your heart - in its richest form - aiding the heart to cry out when death occurs; but your mind has been corrupted, for our media has made our wars around the world news, and not genocides which you should be worrying and crying about. For instance, how do you feel about all the wars America is involved in; is it fair that death to them on both sides is now a statistical count on how many died on such a day, which to them is only a measure to show how good or bad their war is doing. What you should be seeing, which your mind should be sending to your heart, is a human being dying for no great reason at the very end - unecessary wars - an unecessary loss of life due to minds which seek ends that benefit a few, and not country or world.


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