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The art of dreaming has to do with "The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge" writen by Carlos Castaneda. And some of my own expiences.

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By Benji Crow

450 words 2005.


(Thinking of the rose-bud in Remen's patients dream)

Dreaming maybe one of the last frontiers. For centuries dreamist have lookied into dreams for answers. What kind of a connection is there between dream world and reality.

I'm lucky when it comes to dreams, because I have the most wonderful, detailed and life like ones. I've learned lots of enteresting hurdles, goals and being able to control my own dreams through the "Teaching of Don Jaun" a Carlos Castaneda book. Where modernday shamons use dreams to continue learning while sleeping and to search out ansers, or even visit different realms. I've practice his teachings for many years now and I'm still just a infent compared to Don's Knowledge. But I have achieved alot. For example, I can have an out of body exsperience, or take conplet control over my own dreams. Of course abilities range amonst indiviguals. So, some dreamers have the power to go into other peoples dreams. Now thats a special talent like that move "Inception."

The first step was to catch my inorganic being. I now that sound silly, but, imagine two realms co-exsisting at the same time, and in this realm the dreamer has a counter part (inorganic being). The great thing about achieving this level is, that the dreamer gains a copanion that can help the dreamer in many situations. A copanion that no one can see or hear but the dreamer. I know it sounds crazy but go with me on this journey.

The second step for the dreamer is to learn how to take control of the dream. This can be accomplished in different ways like asking how did I get hear. Or the way the book discribes by focusing on the hand while in the dream state. Tha would give a perspective, than the dreamer could realize that it is a dream, then take the step to controling the dream by changing something in the dream with the mind. When this level is accomplished the dreamer would have total control of every thing from, the senary, audio, smell, its like being the director of your own personal movie, simular to the Holo-Deck on the U.S. Enterprize star ship (Star Trek).

So know the dreamer should have a inorganic being, and be able to control thier own dreams. The next step is to gain an allie. This is usually a fear that has to be conquered. Mine so happens to be a grizzly bear. Some Native Americans call this a totem. The dreamer must try to defeat thier worst fear. This fear or totem is the one thing that cant be controled in the dream state. Once the allie (totem) defeated then the dreamer gains the power of that allie, and the dreamer can caool on the power at anytime. For example, I could call upon the strength of the grizzly if needed, or if I ever get cought in the wild by a bear or other animal I could call upon the powers of my allie to help me with my ordeals. So the dreamer could say they have gained the strength, power, claws, jaws, and the intimidation of a grizzly. Not that the dreamer should use these powers all the time, but it may come in handy.


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