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My Reaction To The Twilight Attacks

Miscellaneous By: MidnightQueen12
Editorial and opinion

I've recently discovered of the Twilight attacks going on. Here are my thoughts and some research I did to educate people of what Twilight is doing to the world.
Opinions are respected and listened to. I don't really care if you like the Twilight series (notice how I didn't say saga? CAUSE IT'S NOT) or not, but please, don't start any fights on the comment page. >.

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The Twilight Attacks

I have discovered of these crimes only about an hour ago.

And I'm horrified.

Here's what happened: I was on Youtube.com, looking up---randomly for amusement, mind you---Twilight rants. I notice with surprise in the scroll-down section with related videos and video called "The Twilight Cult" by a person with the username Akari577. Curious, I click on it.

I'm informed by these two girls that there have been some Twilight attacks on people who did not like the book.

I blink, shocked, and decide to click the link in the video description that takes me to TwilightSucks.com, on a page with a list of links of articles from accounts of attacks.

There are tons of accounts from people who have been assaulted by Twitards. Major attacks include: getting beat up with a baseball bat, getting a brick thrown at their head, attempting throat-cutting, drowning, choking, the breaking of bones, hit with a chair,threatened with a knife,and an EYE slashed open. Minor things include: threats, slapping, cussing out, punching, biting, smacked with books, sexual harassment, ripped clothing, stomped, pushed down stairs, kicking, chasing, whipped, cigarette-burning, keying a person's truck, and pushing, all because they didn't like Twilight.

That got me mad.

Thank the Lord that no one has been killed over these damn books. Yet.

I don't like the books---just getting it out of the way. I read all four. I didn't like them. I saw the movie. Laughed the Coke out of my mouth, but that's where I heard about what Twilight was.

Here's the thing: I didn't know what Twilight was about at first. I'd seen the books in Barnes and Noble, and in the arms and thought of my friends, but that's about it. My friends invited me to see the movie with them, I saw it out of curiosity, I didn't like it, read the books to compare and see what the hype was all about, didn't like them, end of story.

I don't think anything big happened until the movie came out. The books had fans, but by the time it was on the big screen, girls were gaga over it. Trust me, I have a friend who's almost a fangirl. ALMOST. I have another friend who decorated her room to the covers of the books, but she's not obsessed, and I respect her liking it. Plus the whole thing with Robert Pattinson, but that's another story.

And that's the thing: people are beating people up just because they have a different OPINION of the series.

I believe the whole Twilight franchise is becoming a cult. Girls are beating people senseless just because of a BOOK! They're obsessed. And some of these attackers actually think Twilight is real.

Yes, that Twilight is real.

These people need to be locked up in mental hospitals and taught about real literature.

Now, I can accept if you DO like Twilight, I honestly do not care. But if you're going to go to such lengths as to hurt people because someone does not like, I will not accept. It's not right.

And besides, Twilight itself is out of control. Riots have been started. Merchandise has been sold all over theworld, ranging from silverware and blankets to dolls, rings, band-aids, cardboard cut-outs of the characters, perfumes, greeting cards, body glitter, and a real store I heard of called "Dazled by Twilight," and worse of all: (inapropriate) a sparkling dildo.

Twilight, and its following books, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, have something I call the "never-breaking reading spell." That's when you read something and you can't really stop; it's addicting. I've come across things like that across Booksie and in other real books, and sadly, Twilight has it. It wore off as I started Breaking Dawn.

Unfortunately, Twilight has made a huge impact on the way girls think. The store Hot Topic has TONS of Twilight merchandise.

Okay, I'm getting off topic. But still, these factors have influenced the attacks.

Also, another thing: why doesn't Stephenie Meyer, the oh-so-awesome author of Twilight, say something? Why not get off her DAMN HIGH horse and take a stand and make a public announcement to the attackers and tell them to stop and realize that's it's just a BOOK?! It's not real at all! My theory is that she's flattered by all the attention and won't tell them to stop because she approves. That would make sense to me, since I don't like her . . .

The Twilight thing is getting WAY out of control. I, personally, am very scared for November 20, when New Moon comes out. My friends are going to make me go, I'm sure, and I don't want to be killed in a stampede.

I've been trying to convince my one friend not to go to the midnight premere for her own safety.

Thank you for reading, and tell me what you think. ;)


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