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Inspiring Words And Philosophies by Publius: NovusVirtus

Miscellaneous By: Publius Novus Virtus
Editorial and opinion

Many of my own thought combined with the thoughts of others

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Inspiring Words & Philosophies

Publius: Novus Virtus

If there is something you feel is wrong ask of God if it is wrong. If he says it is wrong, don't complain unless you are putting in every effort to make it right. The right would be what God says it is. You must know that God said it to you himself or to those he has appointed specifically by authority of the priesthood to understand what is right or wrong on that subject.

Life is like a board game: when you're in college it's Monopoly: When your choosing girlfriends it's Bingo. When you get married and have children it's Trouble and Sorry! And it's all in the game of Life.

When girls give out what's most sacred for free guys see no reason to: be respectful, up hold values, become men, care for themselves and others, tell the truth, protect virtues, listen to mothers, follow laws, fight for freedom, support a family, protect their children, give a soft smile that a child needs to feel loved, dress the wound of an outdoorsy son. Sing his little girl to sleep, kiss his wife goodnight, nurture the sick and needy, give to the poor, and respect life

A woman believes a man is doing his job if he does something without her asking; A man believes that if a woman isn't asking him to do something than there is nothing he needs to do and she is happy

Love is not dependent on sex; sex is designed to be used in marriage after love is found

Sex does not make love

Women want their hurt feelings validated not fixed; If a man tries to fix a woman's feelings she becomes more unhappy and she thinks he's not listening to her

Men want to fix a woman's hurt feelings so that she is happy; When the man is told that he is not listening he responds by saying he is, which is the spark of an argument

Guys are only as gross and immature as girls let them be

Everything a guy does is for a girl

The laws of physics cannot be broken so why do people think they can break the laws of nature such as with homosexuality or the laws of God such as the Ten Commandments? Just because you don't believe that such laws exist doesn't mean they don't. You can deny the existence of gravity all you want it doesn't change the fact that when you jump you will come back down. This is the same with the Laws of nature and the laws of God. You can deny that premarital sex is a sin all you want it doesn't change the fact that if you transgress in that way your consequence will be severe.

Fear is not a policy of peace.

Love is when you care enough about her/him that you would die to protect her/him and want her/him to be with the one that makes her/him the most happy even if it's not you.

Hatred and contempt is a poison. It harms you more than it harms those you have enmity against.

Empathy is the only way to peace.

Look up to the valiant ones who don't change their values depending on the crowed they're in.

Be the valiant one who doesn't change your values depending on the crowed you're in.

Faith has the same amount of "proof" that a Theory has. I've shown my evidence that proof doesn't exist. So why do people say that they can't go with God because of faith without proof; when on the reverse side the very things they say are proof are only theories. Scientists happily say that science does not stay the same and that it is supposed to change so why would anyone invest their words to say that their theories are proven any more than faith is. If the argument is instead about the evidence of theories versus the evidence of faith and the Gospel than sure their science theories have plenty of evidence but faith and the Gospel have just as much if not more evidence. A theory is based on doing an experiment many times and each time the result is complimentary to the last. So let's say a science idea has been tested a few hundred times and now it's a theory. How many more millions or billions of times have faith been tested and found to work? And as for the truth of the Gospel its evidence is very clear you just have to learn about history. And you'll learn that it's just as credible as well.

Anarchy is not freedom; it is chaos

Anarchy is slavery to your strongest neighbor

Lawlessness is not freedom it is slavery to fear

All life has value; all life has equal value

Freedom requires justice

Freedom requires responsibility

Justice does not rob freedom

Security can rob freedom

The Ten Commandments are Commandments not suggestions

You cannot break God's laws you can only break yourself against them

You are who you choose to be; you become what you choose to do daily

Those who know freedom and lose it never know it again- Ronald Regan

If a man takes life from another man he is taking away freedom

As a wise man once said: "Capitalism is the worst form of government except for all the others"

When people say that the Big Bang theory without a creator is more believable and they always ask "where did God come from?" they forget one thing. In the Big Bang theory it describes the start of matter not the universe because there had to be energy and space in order for matter to expand in it. So then the question is "Okay great you've described how matter came in to being but how do you describe the existence of the space and energy that the big bang filled, if there is no God?" The only answer is that it was always there. How is that any different than an eternal creator? If the argument is that the big bang created the space then there wouldn't have been a place for the compressed energy to explode and there wouldn't have been any energy.

Doctrine and Covenants 131: verse 7 (LDS Scripture) 'There is no such thing as immaterial matter. All spirit is matter, but it is more fine or pure, and can only be discerned by purer eyes'

Socialism and Communism is Lucifer's counterfeit to the Law of Consecration

The Law of Consecration is not a political philosophy, nor an economic experiment

The Law of Consecration is not an -ism, God does not exist in -isms

The Law of Consecration is a Celestial Law it must be followed for one to live in a Celestial world

It is not an ideal of man that can fail but man can fail it

The Law of Consecration is as the Ten Commandments; you cannot break them; you can only break yourself against them

The Law of Consecration is required in order to construct a Zion society

To create Zion as a geographical place we must each have Zion as a state of mind

Peace through force is war

Freedom is a right it was given to us by God

The more money you print the less it's worth

Increasing minimum wage is the equivalent to taking one step forward and two steps back because businesses will increase their prices to keep revenue, which is a cause of inflation

The destruction of a nation starts with the destruction of the family

You have the agency to choose freedom or captivity

You have the agency to choose your actions but not your consequences

Freedom isn't free; it never was

The truth cannot be destroyed; in the end all lies shall be unmasked; secret combinations destroy nations

If justice finds the suspected murderer guilty and justice takes the life of the guilty, justice is not robbing the freedom of the guiltyThe guilty man had forfeited his own freedom when he took the other man's freedomJustice only insured that the lost freedom was compensated and that the freedom or life of others was protected

Greed can't exist were there's nothing to gain.

In a place where there is nothing to gain there may be no greed but there is no way for there to be success. Therefore, it is not worth losing greed if in turn you lose success which is why I'm a Republican that supports Capitalism.

Capitalism supports success but recognizes that there can be failures. It allows there to be failures, so that one can learn and grow. As the bishop once said "bad judgment comes from the level of one's wisdom, and wisdom comes from learning after bad judgment." Capitalism supports the Idea that a person only gets what he earns and afterwards, may choose if he wants to donate that money. Capitalism believes in limited government involvement in privately owned business affairs. It believes that the people control the government not the government to the people. Capitalism Believes that the Constitution is clear and precise in its meanings and that there is no room for interpretation. It defends the idea of God as an active role in the nation: In God We Trust: The Pledge of Allegiance: All the patriotic songs that have God in them.

In a battle aim for success, unless your goal is to learn. If your goal is to learn then you must observe your enemy, whoever or whatever it may be. However, in some cases the most effective way to learn is to fail. When you fail you learn the right and wrong way to confront the opposition. You should not try to fail but you should expect it so that when you do fail you will know that you have learned and in turn you will know you have succeeded.

In a mortal run world, there is no such thing as proof. In fact the very idea of proof is non-existent. It is a word without true substance, without true value, without true obtainable ability, and without true meaning. You cannot "Prove" anything. You can't say you can prove that a rock is a rock because it looks like one. That is called "evidence" you can only ever give evidence that something is something. The word "proof" can only exists if everyone in the world agrees that something is what it is. So, if you get everyone to "believe" that something is what you say it is and that is what is considered "proof" than the word "proof" by definition doesn't exist because to believe in something is relevant to faith it cannot be true proof. That is why scientific theories will never be fact or proven the word "fact" falls under the same guidelines as the word "proof." We only keep these words so that we can govern our own universe. Without them there is disarray because we will always feel like we can't have a level of control, understanding, and bearing on our surroundings.

Socialism believes in helping others, by taking from someone else. It is thought to protect people but instead it limits their freedom. It aims to fight against and destroy greed but instead it destroys success. It is said to be the philosophy that helps the oppressed but instead it becomes the oppressor. Those who believe in Socialism deny the role of God in our society and that this nation was created by him. They deny that this nation was designed to be kept by God loving and fearing people. They believe that a Utopian society can be achieved without the governing of God and his Commandments.

Socialism will always lead to Communism because the government will always try to gain more power.

A Democrat that does not believe he supports Socialism is a leopard that does not know its own spots.


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