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Dreaming- unknown

By: Reddeimos

Page 1, What I think about when Im about to fall asleep and dream.

Some nights, I would lie awake in bed afraid to fall asleep, for I fear the unknown awaiting; I fear going to sleep and start dreaming. During those REM periods, I am my minds' prisoner where I wake up in a whole new realm of a different dimension that exist purely from the creation of my mind, imagination. The uncertainty of it and how every night when we go to sleep, we succumb ourselves completely to our mind. Every night, the different realm I wake up in. It's biased and unjust that every single time I wake up in them, I'm unaware. The recurring ones especially, no one realizes what a sick joke it is to be stuck in a tape that's on loop, so you are stuck in it and you have to give the same reactions, suffer the same pain again and again. I wonder who organizes them ? I want someone to blame. My mind? I assume my mind hates me then. Man are said to fear uncertainty and hence, the fear of death. The moment where you end your journey here on earth and what happens then? There are versions, many versions or apparent explanations for ones fate beyond earth, or are they just facades? When in actual fact we simply just vanish into thin air as if we were merely a speck of dust who at one time was on this little place called earth. Who knows? And who knows if these versions and explanations are just white lies to comfort or a way to gain trusts. Staying on the topic, since men fear uncertainty so much, why so calm and not realize this? I assume they don't see how scary it is to dream. I still feel scared at times at night. I still do. Be it nightmares or sweet dreams. Goodnight.

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