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A sister's love

By: sashen Venom reddy

Page 1, a L♥√ع for a brother †ђªt a sister has

Dedicated to every sibling especially ♍y sister.. A sister...the L♥√ع of a sister for her brother is true and †ђªt of Divine blessing...the only woman †ђªt will feel your pain as much as y0u hurt,the only woman †ђªt will see your true colours and still stand and L♥√ع y0u no less then the day she was born... Her bond stays with y0u even though she changed her surname and has a life of her own,her innocence †ђªt is with y0u till the day God recalls y0u... A sister is sent to y0u for the simple reason to stand with y0u,L♥√ع y0u,care for y0u and pick y0u up when no one else will...L♥√ع her with all y0u have for she is irreplaceable no woman should ever replace her.. A sister's L♥√ع...true undying pure and forever.

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