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A true man's happiness

By: sashen Venom reddy

Page 1, Dedicated to all women..

A true man's happiness A man..Gods 1st creation..he rules the world supreme,testosterone high and a solid compassion,ruthless feelings and his main make the worlds population grow... Yet all this is only possible from a woman..a woman...the kind soul of the world,full of wonder and amazement..compassionate and the epitome of the living being.her grace her essence her L♥√ع should b cherished there is no other like a woman..respect her,L♥√ع her,heed her and most importantly pray for her for she is and forever will be the foundation of any ones happiness be it a mother daughter or partner her beautiful soul will forever shine as bright as the sun..too all women i salute Ү0υ for Ү0υ are a true man's happiness! Always remember YOUR BEAUTIFUL!

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