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The Consumer God digressed slightly

Miscellaneous By: TeeKay
Editorial and opinion

Kay here. Just a quick prose-like essay i wrot a few years back expressing my thoughts and feelings on the subject of consumer society and spirituality.

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"There is a saying among the dead..... life is wasted on the living."
In a world full of pain and self indulgent ignorance I sometimes wonder do we the consumer species deserve any of this utopia we take for granted not even realising we are as much pawns as cows to the slaughter.
Most of the population in the world lives in third world poverty, their lives of toil are exploited for our needs, their lands resources raped for our enjoyment. Do you really think that pair of shoes magically appeared in the shop you found it in. Sweat was poured into that shoe for 5 cents an hour. Have you ever strived for something for someone else's needs and earned barely anything in return, not just in terms of money or material gratification, but not even mere gratitude. Try basing your livelihood on that.
Currency is a tool not a necessity and yet it has made such a profound influence on mankind's soul that a giant was born. This giant is consumer society and culture. Life in this realm is defined by the material, hunting here is not for animals (although food is now a processed packaged product purchasable along the way) but is for possessions. A great sense of achievement overwhelms the specimen (shall we call him the consumer (no sexism intended) after a good day's trip to the hunting grounds, in the native tongue: Mall. The consumer travels through the many outlets with one material purpose in mind but is urged instinctively to browse. Products are browsed, verified and selected and brought to the territorial tradesman of the outlet (the employee or cashier) and they are claimed by the trading of coloured tree skins with ink images and native text for the goods in question. The sum is met and correct numerical value is solved, the trade is done, change of numerical value is given if necessary and the consumer has now laid claim to the items. These items may be food or otherwise but the principle is invariably the same they are products and they are now his.
At the end of a good days hunting the consumer leaves the "mall" the sense of self achievement at his days hunt gone successful fills his heart with relief and joy. The consumer has performed the sacred rite of "shopping" as it is called in the native language. Long ago this doctrine replaced thought as the form of self awareness. In the words of Barbara Kruger "I shop therefore I am". The hunting and purchasing of goods is the way these beings define themselves both in the way they reflect their "INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITIES" by their choice of purchased fashion items and bric a brac etc etc, and in the way they define themselves as living things in general.
Unfortunately the consumer is a pawn; a cadaver. A soulless being convinced it roams in a well defined reality. In short a zombie. A barely conscious figure, for consciousness is defined as being able to perceive reality, acknowledge it, and act on well constructed thoughts as a consequence of this unmistakable perception. But technically how is that possible when said being exists in a construct of unreality. The world that the consumer places himself in is run by money. Money is gravity, money makes the world turn; money holds it all in place. But how is that possible when money isn't real.
Money.... it's paper. Its not a physical construct, but a mental one. One can point at a rock and say its a duck long enough, say it to his children, say it to their children, they say it to their children, soon enough the generations begin saying duck instead of rock. There's not much difference, its still the same object, still the same natural sediment deposit, but now we will place the word (the concept) of duck on it instead. Duck is meaningless and so is rock, it is what the word stands for the concept it refers to, the meaning behind it. That's what's important. That's what has meaning. Is money any different? It is just paper and ink and colours, or coins, physically representative of a numerical value of which can be used to trade for goods.
For the consumer, money is air: you need it to live. Apparently there's no other way to survive but to have paper and metallic coins in one's pocket. Money is a word, civilisations have used all different words to describe the concept and all different physical means to represent it throughout history. There is no fixed suggestion, no ultimate predominant presence as much as we ourselves as living creatures are eternal in our existence, as much as we would like to believe. Money is not real. A concept founded on a nonexistent construct is not real. A building can not be erected without a stable realistic physically sound foundation made of physical properties and able to bear the weight of the building, that's just nonsense, and yet a building has been erected. An establishment has been put in place and its foundation is not real and without real form or purpose, possibly exempt beyond the boundaries of an easily fenced mentality: that mentality being the human psyche. This foundation is money.
The consumer is an inhabitant of this unreal establishment, and as an extension of a thing that is nothing, the consumer is nothing.
Don't get it wrong, it is a person. It is capable of love, friendship, kindness, and great things, but also of evil things; murder, anger, sorrow, pain, rape, revenge, hatred, and ignorance.
The consumer is moulded into the very existence of ignorance. Where the world functions in the pain, plight and blood of the major human population, the consumer thinks of nothing but material gratification. This does not just include goods, but also sexual pleasure (which is claimed in the sexualisation of the physical female form into nothing more but a material possession that can be claimed), and primal territorial pleasure (claimed in the form of bought and tended to households and a strange concept of 'property'). By this ignorance a cycle of continuation emerges where consumers dine and revel in self indulgence and the rest of humanity seems to grovel and strive in order to continue the comfortable consumer way of life.
Odd isn't it how an establishment founded on a nothingness can cause the entire city surrounded to crumble and toil in abyss, unaware of its own mortality and its nonexistent occupants bathing in luxury and pleasure and a false sense of immortality. Money is gravity. Gravity is universal. The universe is infinite..... but not immortal. By Physics and science, the universe will eventually destroy itself the same as stars do. But stars also created themselves, and so did the universe. Self creation and self destruction is an inescapable universal property. Consumer culture created itself, it will destroy itself. Sound enough..... it is the strange human obsession with self preservation that seems unnatural.
Leaving the topic a bit.... what was I on about...... oh yeah.
So, Consumer society now runs everything, but oddly enough it is not a physical construct not even a physical foundation, the mentality that it exists is implanted in the consumer's psyche. That initiative is enough for the human spirit to keep it thriving. Oddly enough this is in itself not a completely isolated incident. Religion itself is the same. There appears no physical presence of the said foundation, the latent omnipotent creator (or "creators" let us not be exclusive to one religion), and yet the idea that our world is held in place and our lives have purpose thanks to this foundation appears to be enough initiative for the human mentality to pursue and continue the concept. Similarly it appears that God operates in this manner, with no physical or directly communicative presence god appears to still inspire and lead an entire population of humanity who continue to pursue the mentality and ideals of the entity in question whom exists as a non physical foundation and concept of the worlds origin and purpose to these people.
It appears that consumer society is built on this exact type of mainframe and money is the idealised entity, the foundation, the concept, the creator, the glue and gravity that holds life together and gives men purpose.
........................ Is money a God?
Is it really that important to us?
To the world?
Is it worth it to sacrifice so much in its name?
The same thing we do for our God..........
Is money........................................... God?
Has God chosen a new way to present oneself into mankind's heart?
To be with us, to influence us?
Money is money, it doesn't have to be called money it can be called anything really (dollars, yen, deben, mabye something like wankabucks) and still serve the same purpose, history has proven that.
God doesn't have to be called God to serve ones purpose as creator and foundation.
Perhaps......................... money could suffice as a name.
We are consumers
Under the consumer God
If it could possibly be true; then what has God done?
If it be so..... I have no hope for Humanity if it continues to pursue this form of lifestyle and society.
In the words of Banksy: "Humanity will never be able to progress as a society until Consumer culture is abolished........until then we should all just go shopping to console ourselves"


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