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This is the first thing that I am writing on this site, but I have been having a couple words to everyone that I have been meaning to get out. I might not be able to get this entire out, and I am not even sure if it will make any since, but the gist of this that I want to tell everyone: Stop Judging.

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We judge everything. Food, smells, people, dress code, life style, a laugh, a sneeze, we even judge religion.

The outcast is actually to the point of suicide because of the popular judging them, and bulling them. All of the people who are popular, showing off their breast and asses are automatically whores to the outcast. The outcast, wearing t-shirts with images of satanic stars, dead bodies, zombies, and cuss words, are automatically considered a satanic drug attic, never going to be successful in life because they spend too much time cutting their self then actually trying to live. So it is okay for one to judge one style of a person so quickly, just because of music and dress code, but they both get upset if the other judges them back? To the outcast, since the popular girl's have their breast popping out they are automatically a whore, does that mean since you have a satanic star or a dead body from an album cover on your shirt, does that automatically make you a necrophilia Satanist? To the popular: Vice Versa.

We do not only judge people though as I said before. We also judge music. My type of music consists of heavy beats, screaming that most people can not understand, but amazing lyrics. This music sparks me. Some people like music with fast words spewing out of the mouth at once, enforcing a way of life style because they think this style is them. This style connects with them, and they don't ever want to change. Some even listen to a group of teenage boy's talking about how beautiful a girl is, love, and heartbreak. They feel like they can connect with that music, and maybe one day they will find their "Prince charming." But just because you don't like a style of music doesn't mean that it is automatically the worst thing ever that this other person you had so much in common with listens to the music you don't. Someone who listens to Suicide Silence will meat someone who listens to Justin Beiber, they could have so much in common but once their favorite bands spew out there is a wall. Is this all that necessary?

The last thing that annoys me the most people judge is: Religion. I mentioned religion already a couple times. I was actually using the Satanic Star as an example everyone can relate to, when I think Satanism is the most misjudged religion. I, the person writing this, am openly a Satanist. People who are Christian and were loving this story, some have probably stopped at that one sentence and are washing their self in holy water right now. Tell me is there suddenly a wall?

Satanism isn't that bad of a religion honestly, they do not worship the devil, they do not perform sacrifices, and they do not try to send everyone to hell by spawning demons on them. Most Satanists do not even believe in Satan himself. They believe there is an idea of the Devil. The Devil representing darkness, and they believe there is not a God himself in flesh, but a man made idea of God; God representing Light. We believe that the Devil isn't even considered evil, we do not know the man so how can we automatically make Satan the ruler of everything evil. No I believe he is just the idea, and darkness. Tell me are you automatically stricken with the black plague as soon as you walk into a shadow? But healed when you walk into the sun light? Satanist believes that people should not be judged, and that everyone goes to hell. It is just the question if you will have the best time of your life there, or if you will burn. Hell isn't even a big fiery pit anyways. I believe this term came from when a man stumbled upon a town called "Hel" or maybe it was "Hell" and they basically threw trash into this town and burned it. That is where we get the idea that hell is such a horrible place, but how do we know there are not white fluffy clouds and rainbow spitting dragons in hell? Everyone goes to hell because of the 7 deadly sins. If you perform one of these you are banished from heaven, but the sins are everyday life, and just a personality of the common man.

Wrath: if you ever get mad at that person judging you, even the slightest mad, you are banished

Envy: If you wish you had a gaming system, a new phone, a new CD, or a purse. You are banished

Lust: if you ever have sex for pleasure and not only for the fact to make offspring. Banished

Do you see my point here or do I have to keep going?

Please, let this actually make a difference on how you act to someone based on nothing you can prove. Most of the outcast is actually pretty happy, and some of the popular are not. There is about the same amount of popular kids committing suicide as there are outcast, because of judging.

"Open your mind before your mouth." ~Chris Motionless.


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