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In concerns to the regard of humanity and things of the like, I being a human male have discovered some startling secrets about humanity and its behavioral standards. Along the coast of lesser seen shores hope beckons like a hollow cry of wind out an old oak tree. Witnessed, what we though was a form of progression. When in fact we were only severing ourselfs from the purpose of existence. Half of the people in the world can’t even define what spirituality means to them because we have lost contact with our true identity. For if we knew and realized in a moment of who we are as a whole. We wouldn’t allow such hypocrisy to stand in idol light before us, like the Roman Catholics swarming over “heathens” during the Spanish inquisition. I don’t belong to any particular label or subculture, but I do recognize the level of corruption within the establishment. Just as Martin Luther Recognized what was occurring in the Catholic Church during the dark ages. History has been written by the victors, and all of the things we grow up to learn in school are only the subjective realities of those who ordain such things. We now function within a system so organized (despite the economic downfall) to destroy ambition and progress for humanity. Where Wars are a frequent method of draining resources, clever marketing strategies aim to robotically fixate and tear at the current youth with thoughtless material objects. People now, are coordinated by world class elites and given statements to reply to the public. The Celebrity persona is created now by puppet writers and both liberal and conservative parties are locked in a useless battle designed to run the clock. While these rich elite bastards laugh it at us in pity. Mocking the disgrace of our Ghettos and meth ravaged minorities cutting 8 balls by the time they are 15 years old. Our Human resources and current political system only remains to hide the truth of their REAL FREEDOM. Freedom to exploit the 3rd world  and its rich sustenance. Suffocating countries like El Salvador, Peru, and Belize. (The list goes on) While we the people say that the free market is just that, in all truth it has never been self-regulated! It’s just a tool used to shed down the economy when needed. I ask that you open your minds brothers and sisters. Open your eyes, pick up a book and study what you won’t learn in your school curriculum…..

Signed in anguish…  THELOSTPOET

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