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After having published my ironic humour on critique, I almost felt bad for not helping out. This is my serious attempt on helping all Booksians out there, as well as giving you some hints on what I might do wrong :-P (We all like improvement, don't we?)

This is a collection of my experience on Booksie. I think I've included the most common things both for the basic user, as well as some 'advanced' things.

As mentioned in the text, I take no copy-right on this (knowledge may never be on patent), so feel free to bookmark, print, copy or whatever suits you the best. This is another piece, for you.

UPDATE: This is now the base for the other four parts of my piece. This will refer to the other texts.

Feel free to leave questions.

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Many are having problems giving critique properly. Many don't know how to spot the errors, or how to tell the writer, without being too harsh. This guide is the more serious one that will give you a few hints on how to do these things. This guide may be used by anyone and I take no copyright in this work. It is advisable to ensure the following errors are avoided, so have a read-through your story before publishing.

This will also include a short on 'how to give the comment' too. I want to ensure you are never afraid to give critique, as it is very useful for the writer to learn of the mistakes. At the same time, it is always nice to see the work in a better shape, instead of having to read the same errors as the one before. Writing correctly will ensure that your message will be delivered correctly without confusion, obviously enough.

As of the new structure, I have several parts to this piece. Since I expanded it so much, I've divided it up into:


Their - They're - There
Your - You're
To - Too
It's - Its
Were - We're - Where
Effect - Affect
Who - Whom
Bare - Bear
Here - Hear - Hare
Then - Than
Lie - Lay - Lie
Adverse - Averse
Lose - Loose

commas (,)
semi-colons (;)
period (.)
ellipsis (…)
dash-hyphen (- -)
"speech" symbols (" ')
apostrophe (')
brackets ( ) [ ] { } .

long sentences
conjunction words
fragment sentences
giving the comment



This part will serve as the "base" to the rest, for introduction as well as reference to the rest.

I think I've mentioned the most basic things in here so thank you for taking your time on this; I really hope "life on Booksie" will be easier for us all in the future.

Good day, happy writing and happy editing.


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