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Please, let me just say two more sentences...

Miscellaneous By: Zin Dar
Editorial and opinion

In a much comfortable sofa, I write down my final thoughts, done in an attempt of saying things everything as short as possible, so I was able to narrow it down to two sentences.
This was somewhat inspired by a friend, but a lot on my own work, and perhaps even a little Monty Python, but nevertheless written in a brief forty minutes around 1 AM, after a night of one large pizza, two films, 250g chocolate and 1.5L of coca cola bottle, emptied into my glass as I take a break here, before publishing this piece on Booksie, turning off the pc, and taking a shower I should have had this morning.

PS: This makes sense to a cockroach. That is not relevant, and you should decide for yourself if it's suppose to make sense to you or not.

PSS: I challenge you to guess how many words this contains!

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As of my 7 year long degree of doctor degree in philosophy, combined with the 5 year long master degree in mathematics, additional to a 3 year long bachelor degree in rhetoric, I have come to a conclusion in the way to explain our brain, learning and understanding as a whole as of today's humans in moderns society, built on the foundation of freedom of speech, democracy and human rights. My theory states that our reason, emotions, perception and language is the founding ways of knowing our natural science, human science, history, mathematics, ethics and arts to the extent of the assumptions we can make in disregard of any ambiguity found within measurements, readings or translation of our important intellectual tools of the world, which has, in the past, lead to great conflicts, such as the second world war caused by the ambiguity in Hitler's abstract art which he, to some degree, shared with other great artist of our time, perhaps even with the cavemen, our ancestors, hunting mammoths with stone-tipped spears and primitive knives, which they also used for skinning the animals for their clothes and well-being in the smaller caves they lived in, very much different from larger houses we build and use our technologically advanced tools, founded in the ideas of brilliant men, lazy workers and corporations wanting efficiency to their profits, yarning ever more money, the imaginary trade-able object, which was a measurement of work in the past, turned into a more abstract piece, much like Hitler's art, that only tells us something about work, and something about the greediness, unfairness and sneakiness of the so-called great men that simply cannot get enough of what they call "green-love", which certainly is not green at all, per definition of today's want of "green", to protect the nature which we human have damaged, at least according to so-called scientists today, countered by other scientists, claiming that it is all part of a natural cycle, which is determined by many different factors, still being debated by lazy men in black suits, doing exactly what they all agree "not to do", using personal helicopters and planes to their ever-more important meetings, costing the nature AND the public the tax money for paying the security personal, translators and technical maintenance to do their everyday job, money the public want to be used at them, in indirect usages such as hospitals (when they get hospitalised), dental services, police security, roads and other goods and services that would otherwise be uninteresting to the private marked in our capitalistic society, driven by the reward of more goods and service for yourself whenever you do useful or exploiting work within the legal frames of each country, imaginary lines between areas to define which person rules over which people, and which set of rules applies where, lines often separated by geographical features such as mountains or rivers, but can also be purely random, as Egypt is example of, from the 1888s or so, which my sources cannot fully confirm due to insignificant research and caring, but estimated from the large British empire, stretching over half the world, giving the saying "The sun never sets on the empire", which was probably not untrue due to the range of it, and the size of our spinning earth, relative to the sun and itself, giving our 24 hour day-cycle, rotating at a surprising 15 degree an hour, or 7.5 degree every half hour and so on, giving a very significant and perceptible vision of the moon and the sun's "movement" on our sky, bringing us back to the way we perceive things, and understand things through the language, reason, emotions and perception that we have in our natural science, human science, history, ethics, mathematics and art, to share the experiences and assume no ambiguity of our shared reason, emotions, language and perception, since we cannot determine and prove that there is none within the way our many different brains made from different experiences and understandings.


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