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World Food Program

Novel By: abyskaria
Editorial and opinion

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Actually this is my postgraduate thesis i am adding now. View table of contents...



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Stepping up pareto workspace for World Food Program (www.freerice.com)

A line of human family over time unloaded an sack of quantum in a shore near the freeport of Monrovie. The water was very heavy yet boats were hired to light up the new year. There was an priceless this time with us and we used to call her angel gabriel. She suffered the pain of the political ego battle in gaza strip, couldnt even bury her kids at home and was with us. Slowly we knew that our travel quietly flushed the waters and we laid above the waters as sometimes even we saw dolphins. We were happy that after a long battle in dafur we still are not borne down with sadness. I still remember she was the first who scaled up ironical zero potential life in this new year day and when we glanced the night sky for a shooting star spreading harmony among nations I asked her what would you do if you were the person who can bring the change we are in need? I pointed out Bill Clinton inspired by a school children dream solved the ireland dispute. Yet this angel was true, she told me look at myself, you see differently and who are today where ever are have to step out for solutions and no reason your christmas wish will go in vain but always update yourself. We readly reached Liberia by then. Our was through the channel and my task force with her was to share the gift of 10000 miles dreams of the new year kidergarden school. We were blocked in late night and raiders packed up with gunshots. She dared to stand still and told them ateringly to stop and board us off and take whatever they want except 2 bags of rice. When I spoked to her why just 2 bags and we had arms more than them, the response was it was my Christmas wish. I asked her I also told about my grassroot effort from changing the nomads and looking apart for that consortium in unity. I was amazed in the midst of the night the guiding stars told we can only one feel unloads and imagine the same moon ahead till humanity itself create peace. We started till Rumbak region of sudan and I asked her how many years have you slept? A smile under the bluemoon was the remark. I loved one basis she asked me. What can feed the kids yet produce food from their own soil? I told you aid her life and I will aid your goodnews. Again, the truck man asked what happened to angel she slept late yet she woke up for your aid. It was your own responsibility and I should seek the news from turmoil to set up initiates for the journey. Only if both of you are safe, secure and sublime towards the best options we can get back safely. She could have been dead when she steped out of guarding you now let her sleep. We dont know anyone here it is totally a barron land and yet we have reached on the fifth day. I dont think we can reach Dafur but we can see our neighbourhood there is a church. Go inside with peace and some star will guide us there. Till now we are not wrong but we will have to reach there before the 5th day. Near the church, some people were standing yet the church was closed. I didnt understand local languages but understood that the worst battle outbreak had happened. There is only one way till her school and all the roads have landmines. I and my cab manager bowed down the heads and prayed that our angel gets up from sleep they are safe at that school. I took the angel on my back and the cab manager took up two bags of rice. we never went on the roads yet travelled through the weeds. The angel was as if dead who are unable to look around. By night 11 pm we reached our chruch and all children were sleepy. Only two old people were awake. They brought together a lot of family all the way and brightening candle lights all night till 1 am was the work. The next day in new year we cherished heartening informative tool towards the day we set.

From this day we began a new root. I went myself through the terrains and requested them that we need their support to redistribute to all the people who has a ration card. Our effort quentched out offerings and savings said uniquely to all, "Where we are, what ever we do, we do not have the right being an cancer for others. We request all leaders that the relief partnership will respect the human cause and root solutions of the joint human family. Let us participate that we can act borderless from hunger to hope. Our friends raise funds in making. Our volunteers works at grassroot levels. Our Leaders become partneers. Our employee include opitions. Let challenges rejoin us. More we have commemorative denominations the better we are."

After a long time from that very day future been the lowest and resident of every time zones said we are not here to steal. The outbreak has stopped yet some short circuits do happen some where.we are. Today the view source dont let me down yet get me more insight towards a brighter world. The promise will be kept without delusions. A longer than congestive response is required in life. We are back at our home. The guiding stars still makes a choice. Are we at the truth of blessings for themselves and their families? Can't we not stand apart? Those days are rejoining your heart and yet your sacred heart is more precious


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