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Documentary On The (Young Years) Of Nasir Jones

Novel By: CoreySearles
Editorial and opinion

Nasir Bin Olu Dara; September 14, 1973 in Brooklyn, New York. His family later moved to the Queensbridge projects.
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Documentary on the (Young Years) Nasir Jones

Upon this Story told it goes beyond the settling river flow

Instead it ends purely as a touch of magic that hits our current life

- Enjoy

"So witness the incredible as I produce sperm into this story and give life to words, famished to explain a written history of evidence laid out for me identified as Nasir Jones"

They say life is an unexpected case concealed of just opinion - well this is mine.

Nasir Jones is the greatest!

He's an icon to many; affectively he has become an Egyptian pyramid with people having many fundamental beliefs, acknowledgment and questions about him.

So that must mean I am answer?

Well let Mother Nature grow into my right hand that writes so I can presume the unpredictable, with miracles that release birth with new Life, opportunities, and Imagination.

So behold a new found genesis has once again emerged from brilliance of creation.

Nas - Born September 14,1973 was released from a cord of security into his mum's arms of reality. Expectation was upon him growing up as a young boy he was perfectly noticeable with a fresh glee of living.

At the age of three his parents moved to a place described as a picture deformed of terror inserted with destruction of his new home - "Queens Bridge"

As a kid, Nas wanted to be an instrumentalist; He often played his dad's (jazz/blues musician Olu Dara) trumpet.

Nas was also into comics. But, he immersed himself into the Hip- Hop culture shortly after his parents separated. That was when the young Nas began to write short stories and poetry.

As a teenager Nas began to live that street life with his brother "Jungle" and his best friend "I'll Will"

Even worst for Ann Jones Nas wanted to drop out of school as he didn't believe it was right for him.

The school life wasn't for Nas as he wanted something different "I label Nas an inner tube consumed of water leaking of his schools electricity; dangerous! He just had to distant himself away from such destructions.

He wanted to focus on just rap, he believed Hip - Hop could hear something different for their minds.

His mum wasn't pleased at all that he dropped out of school they had a little confrontation on the matter. Ann Jones wanted her sons to get a good education she believed that was the only way of success.

But Nas had different idea's he just wanted that mic in hand and to venture his opinion about for people to hear.

He conformed rightly, scaled different from other rappers, His body expanded bones and his figure transformed!

Nas often read a lot of books to self-educate him he even read the whole book of the dictionary so he could find new words to learn.

He rallied the oral of history, Knowledge and religion his vocabulary elevated to the point of a mountain becoming a grade of graduation and success.

And his vocals graced the mic for the first time becoming an instant ideal partnership.

Large professor was the founder of Nas and his talents and as soon as he dropped his lyrics he knew he was going to be big in Rap.

At that time large professor was dropping his own rap album with his crew "Breaking Atoms" large professor in the up-coming weeks was going to perform live on stage to promote his album so he decided to bring the young Nas along and give him his chance and then....

(Nas rap lyrics) - "Streets disciple my raps are trifle I shoot slugs from my brain just like a rifle"

As soon as those lyrics hit "Live at the BBQ" The whole place went ballistic and crazy saying who was this Nas dude?

Nas the boy wonder they called him was now the new prodigy and the talk of the streets just with that one verse he rapped.

He actually revolutionised rap with his intellectual way of speaking because no one ever used the big words of knowledge he used before.

But evidently growing up the way Nas did in a sculpture carved with long paths and violent roads, you know the American struggle.

Nas grew up into that lifestyle so was his brother "Jungle" and I'll Will his best friend.

Down in queen bridge projects it was a place where if you hustled you could get your money quick.

And once you have money you could do a lot with it.

Nas did that a lot - until one time it all went wrong as his best friend I'll Will and his brother got in a confrontation with some other people. It resulted in Nas best friend getting killed and his brother getting shot in the leg.

It took a lot out of Nas who was feeling that pain, he felt he just had to distant himself from everything and make sure he didn't fall back into the struggle that got his best friend killed and brother shot.

So he decided slowly but surely to pick him up and start taking his rap music more seriously. Believe it or not he found it hard to get a record label at that time.

Most record labels didn't want to hear that intellectual side of music as there was no money in it.

But after all that searching he found a man who gave him that one chance, his name was "MC Serch.

Nas made his Hip-Hop debut on "Halftime", which was featured on Mc Serch's soundtrack to "Zebrahead"

Mc Serch helped secure Nas a deal with Columbia records. The initial concern was that Columbia, a label, would dilute Nas' raw rap style. He had people like Dj Premier, Q-Tip, Pete Rock, and large professor all around him to help him on his album Illamtic and also had a relatively unknown emcee named AZ, who was lauded as a masterpiece.

The album itself took 2 years to be released Nas just wanted the album to be perfect. And when it actually got released to the public in my mind it was like a sail of unorthodox flows. That could only be described as clouds, thunder, rain, and the sun the different aspects occur Nas was just the rainbow mixed with all of them.

The album that had ten songs of perfection he was speaker in terms of reality about his street life, and his intellectual thinking.

And it is still to this day one of the most creative albums if not the best album ever to be released in my opinion.

Since then Nas has released a further nine studio albums all but cementing his legacy as a great!

Nas has become a rap pioneer for music and has given so much for our ears he's given knowledge, power, education, and stories.

Nas is truly the perfect MC and a gifted poet there will be no one else like you again.

So I thank you Nas for your music and also inspiring me in many ways to write and being imaginative.

The greatest Rap artist ever - Corey Searles


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