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100 ways to motivate yourself * ch-1

Novel By: meenakshi sharma
Editorial and opinion

thats the 1st chapter of my this book .. please read and leave your opinions .. i just never know what to write in the summary .so please excuse me for my mistakes.. :)

and the thing is a lot of indian and forein writers had wrote their own views life to motivate it.. after inspiration i thought that i should also have to write my own views to life that how can we mottivate ourself .. i'm not damn sure that i'm able to write 100 chapter or not but i'll surely write it till the end of my thoughts i mean not that . that i'll write to my life but i'll stop thinking about this book til i'll not completed its 100 chapter and if i'm unable at any point to not to write more to got 100 then i'll make the end of the book.. kindly help reading and coomensting on it .. :) i'll be glad to be that ... View table of contents...


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By setting a personal, financial or professional goal we have create a challenge for ourselves to meet an objective which will further our progress towards a feeling of achievement.all goals small or large, short term or long term are important to personal success we all feel . we all want to grow. whether that means being more successful having more control over lives,being more financially secure or being happier or more content. we need to have goals and we need to work towards achieving them. but so often the things we want to achieve them so far off and so difficult that we either give up before we've begun or we fall at the first hurdle. achieving our goals, however, doesn't have to be like this. here are few suggestions for tackling goals without a lot of stress .



What will your life look like when you have achieved your goal ? first, you must want to achieve your goal and positively intend to make it happen. if you don't have this conviction, then you don't have a really goal, just a dream . there's nothing wrong wrong of dreaming, but if you don't take it to the next step, you cannot achieve anything. a visionary is not someone who simply has grand ideas, important though these ideas are. true visionaries have every intentions of turning these dreams into reality. ask a Hundreds people what, specifically, they want to achieve it the next 10 years and most will not be able to answer.



You think its too hard to quit smoking ? millions of others have done it before. Winston Churchill, British prime minister, said that 'success is going from failure to failure without a lack of enthusiasm'. it might take you years to achieve something and in those years, you might fail a thousand times. but you need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. if you don't keep on trying, you'll fail for sure.



If you want to get from new Delhi to Mumbai, you need a plan. you need to decide whetherto fly, drive or take a train, when to set out, what to take for the journey,what to do when you get there,how long to stay, and so on. you might not plan every last detail, but you'll have a good idea. you cannot achieve your goal without a plan. you don't need to construct a military campaignand spend hours every week poring over your goals ,but you do need to give some thought to the process...



Many goals seems very difficult to achieve. climbing a mountain, building a successful business, becoming wealthy- all are grand enterprises. but the mountain can only be climbed one step at a time and wealth is usually accumulated one rupee at a time. you will need to break down your goals into lots of smaller 'mini-goals'. think of a habit is an example ....


please leave your opinion !!!!!!!! ...smileysmiley


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