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100 ways to motivate yourself * ch-1

By: meenakshi sharma

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1.        the way you dress and the way you speak are accurate representation of how you view yourself. when you dress in jeans all the  time, to me , that represents that you're down to earth. if you dress up even when you're not at work, that represents that you feel important and you've a statement to make . dressing down in sweat pant and tee shirts repreasents comfort in any given situations. all these scenarios are indicative of attire while you are not at work. business attire is quite different that the home apparal.


2.       lounging around the home is the best time to see how you advertise yourself . the choice of clothing can accomodate your mood at that particular time .if you have to go to store do you keep what are wearing on , or are you the type of person that changes no matter what ?


3.        the way you speak is a good indication of how you adverise yourself. that could include the work and non work arenas. if you're with your friends and some of them are curse, and that is the norm, then the colourfel metaphors espuosed are indications. that comfort is the standard. if you're offened by cursing and people do it around you anyway, perhaps you need to find wither new friends or change your attitude and accept the fact that people ar going to curse despite how you feel abbout it .

4.        speaking to people can make them learn a great deal about you . what type of person ar you ?   such as being open minded, close minded, ineliggent,  ignorant and a host of other attributes. if you tend to use BIG words, , then the assumption is that you are smart . however, you need to make sure that the choice of words corresponds to what you are trying to say . the right words can give the appearane or illusion that you're smartter than you really are .


5.        the words you use to advertise your education level. that does include self-taught too .


6.        everyone can learn something from each other no matter how much or how little education you had received. the art of advertising yourself is dependent upon your attire and the way you speak. it might not be accurate , but perception makes reality. the choice of clothing reflects your mood and or how you feel about yourself . the choice of words can be construed germane to your educational leel . however, ot evrything is made in stone. there will be exceptions to the rule . being prudent helps in any given situation.


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