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Monthly Contest Winners!

By: R A B Bradbury

Chapter 4,

This month I am going to provide a list of songs that were banned during the Gulf war. (I think Banned music could lead to some interesting stories.) All you have to do, is pick a song, (let me know which, as only one entry per song, first come, first serve) go and listen to it, then write a short story based on that song. 

Your entry can contain lyrics from the song, or can tell the story behind the song. When you select your song, leave me a comment with the number and title from the list below. Please use the songs and artists listed below, not cover songs by other artists. 

- Must be a short Story (NO CHAPTERS!)

- Only entries submitted in the comments of this post will be accepted.

- Stories can be ANY genre.

- ONE SONG per entry, ONE entry per person. You cannot choose the same song as someone else, First come, First Serve.

- Only songs from the list here can be used.

- Deadline - 1st September

Prizes : 

1st prize will be promoted on my page for ever, have their Booksie page linked on my Facebook page, I will comment on 3 pieces of their work. They will be listed in an article as winners. I will become a fan. Bonus Prize for this months contest: Kindly donated by M K Brown.  He has kindly offered to Edit 1 whole novel, or 10 short stories for the 1st place winner of this months contest. (No Poetry) 

2nd prize will be promoted on my page for a month, I will comment on 2 pieces of work and fan you

3rd prize will be promoted on my page for two weeks, I will comment on 1 piece of work and fan.


Winners : 

1st Prize -  Goes to Km2 with The Rage Lingers on.

2nd Prize - Goes to FrootLoop246 with Endless Nights Going Nowhere.

3rd Place -  Goes to Sgroi123 with The heart of Thetis AND David S Grayson with Let a Hero Fight.


A huge congratualtions to the winners, and a shout out to all the participants - Each and every entry was amazing and I really enjoyed reading them all. If all the winners could let me know what pieces they would like me to read as part of their prize and first place should contact M K Brown in regards to his offered prize. Thank you all for entering. :)


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