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Comparing and Contrasting Epidemic: The original vs the New

Novel By: Revan Marston
Editorial and opinion

This short article tells you the things that were changed from the original chapters into the newer ones. Some Easter eggs and refrences, and a chapter by chapter compare and contrast. I made this for those of you who didnt want to read the original. View table of contents...



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Chapter 1

Comparing and Contrasting

The opening Chapter of the Remade Epidemic is almost the same as the original with a few changes and additons for example

They both open with Hayden being scolded by a substitute teacher, however in the re-made version he is scolded for being a know it all while in the Original he is scolded for sleeping in class.

In the Original, Hayden's name was Hayden Jackson while in the Remake, his name is Hayden Ruano Winchester. The name of the actual history teacher who wasn't present was Mr. Ruano.

In the Original, Hayden was 14 and in 8th grade. In the Remake, Hayden is 15 and is in 9th grade, though Hayden had just recently turned 15.

In the Original, Hayden was Hispanic/British, in the Remake he is Italian/Native American.

In the Original, Dylan and Kelsey were the friends in Haydens history class and were the first two friends introduced. In the Remake, Owen is the only friend in Hayden's class an is the first introduced, Kelsey is the second.

IN the Original, Hayden tells the readers that Dylan likes to laugh and that once he said the word pudding to Dylan whom thereafter laughed. In the Remake, Hayden physically tells Dylan this.

In the Original, the friends went to gym class after History class and then went to the lunchroom. In the remake, the entire gym scene is ommitted and skips straight to lunch.

IN the original, Hayden sees each of his best friends from across the hall and then describes them, in the remake, each of the friends physically come up to Hayden and then he describes them.

In the original, Hayden arrives at lunch to find Hailey, Chloe, Owen Dylan and Thomas already seated. in the remake, Hayden Owen and Kesley arrive before any of the other friends do.

In the original, Hayden complains to the Audience about how jealous he is about Hailey's relationship with Thomas. In the remake, it is implied when he looks away when Thomas tickles Hailey.

In the original, Chloe figures out Hayden's jealousy towards Thomas, none of the friends figure this out in the remake.

In the Original, most of the friends get food from the cafeteria, in the remake none do as the food is more plastic than actual.

In the Original, it was Implied that Hayden and Hailey had a close friendship, in the remake it is implied that they are now distant.

In the Original, Thomas Drake shows no signs of antagonism towards Hayden, save for kissing hailey to make him jealous, in the remake he goes as far as to insult him.

Samuel Martin makes no appearence in the original and was not planned to. He was a new addition into the remake.

Amber Park the "idiot of the history class" was a replacement for Sally Robinson, a latina in the original whom hated Hayden.

Dylan and Owens personalities are switched, in the original, Dylan is more violent and vulgur while Owen is passive. In the remake, Owen is vulgar and more violent as well as assertive while Dylan is passive.

IN the original, Hayden's fatherdid not appear until chapter 2 and had a smaller role, in the remake, he has an actual conversation with Hayden and we learn more about him and Haydens mother.

The School was not described in the original.

Hayden's house was a two story house in the original, it is a one story house in the remake.

In the original, strange events relating to the upcoming zombie apocalpse were not present at all in the first chapter, in the remake, there are several refrences to the virus, such as the text Dylan gets and the conversation Hayden has with his dad.

Easter Eggs and refrences:

Owen is described to be wearing an AC/DC shirt. AC/DC is a rock band.

The group that Hayden, Owen, and Dylan are a part of, the Pretty Nigga Squad is an obvious refrence to N.W.A, the Niggas with Attitude, a rap group with artists like Ice Cube.

When Dylan gets the text message detailing the news report about the man found dead and mauled and the probable cause being an animal attack is an obvious refrence to Vampire and Zombie movies where before the apocalplyse occurs, eaten bodies are always blamed on animals.

While describing the news sent to him by his dad, Owen interupts Dylan and tells him that being taped to a long and getting scared by clowns is weirder than a man being found mauled, a refrence to the Direct T.V commerical where a similar event occurs. Watch it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyQSSzr2ftg

Hayden tells Dylan pudding which makes him laugh. Pudding is the name of the Chapter.

When Hayden calls his Dad Big D then scolds the reader for thinking in the gutter, this is a reference to the word Dick which is sometimes abrevieted as D.


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