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Interviewing the future LEGENDS OF BOOKSIE

Novel By: thumblina
Editorial and opinion

this a book consisting of a very precious interviews of future Authors and Poets who will be legends and well known to the world...
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Submitted:Mar 3, 2013    Reads: 541    Comments: 37    Likes: 23   

Interview of ValeriyaPonomar
her work"Five senses of Love" is Featured on the Booksie Homepage
some of her work :
My Beginning
Not Yet Forgotten Friend
Forever and Always.....
Sea . . . .
Painful Love...
Dance to Death
Forgotten Grave
Move On but Remember
My Special Locket
I Am Happy That I Cry
Stealing My Love
In The Mountains High
If you want to get to her page and want to get updated about her work please login to

ME: What does your name Valeriya mean??....I am sure many readers would love to know like me

Valeriya: My parents named me Valeriya because it means "strong" both in a healthy and mental way. Although these days I don't think they intended it to be a mental meaning either haha.

ME: I see the commitment shown in your work on BOOKSIE ...Is any author or person who inspires you to write such lovely masterpieces??

Valeriya: Yes. The person isn't alive anymore but my dearest friend, his name was Damien, he inspired my first poem and story. I lived in Germany at the time. I was only in middle school. Sorry if that's a bit vague...

ME: I see that you like art..So my next question would be who your favourite artist is and if he/she was standing in front of you what would your reaction be???

Valeriya: An artist? Hmm. I never knew an "artist" but I had another friend in college who did amazing computer art. He graduated and I haven't heard from him since but he inspired my poem stealing My Love because of a picture he created of a woman holding her heart in a dark room with a dagger nearby. He's inspired some others too. His name was Geki. (Pronounced Sheke)

ME: Ohh I am sorry you don't hear from him but on the other hand that's lovely maybe after reading his name in you interview he might contact you....So my next question is if you were granted three wishes what would they be???

Valeriya: 1. to be able to at least see my friend again...not bring him back but see him.

2. To be able to change lives with my writing, to help those who have suffered more than me with my writing...hope that makes sense.

3. To allow children who haven't had a childhood, finally have one. Because I almost didn't have one I know they're not all "save mankind" but I'm not the hero type.

ME: Ohh i think you are a Hero to me.....What is that one thing in your life that you wish greatly to possess and which would mean the world to you????

Valeriya: Hmm tricky question...I'm going to have to go with a wooden bracelet It held and still holds a great meaning to me

ME:If you were offered one supernatural power.what would you choose??likeinvisibilty,mostfairestwoman in the world,or something to help human race????

Valeriya:Toteleport. I have wished ever since I was 6 that I couldteleport. Because in Europe gas prices are so high I feel like I'm wasting thousands of dollars every time I refuelhaha. And so I could discover the world for free!

ME: That really sounds special to you..I hope you get it..What is your favourite quote in life???

Valeriya: I'll translate it for you, "What is my life if I am no longer useful to others". It was at the end of a German novel I read long ago. It doesn't make a lot of sense in english but you understand it right?

ME: Yes i do understand...actually it has a deeper meaning when we actually concentrate and read it....Where would you see yourself 1 year from now on Booksie??

Valeriya: Maybe have several new poems out, a new novel. I'm not that good at looking into the future sorry but I will be moving to America soon so it might change that :)

ME: What is that one thing you would like to change in yourself???

Valeriya: I would love to accept people. I would love to be able to trust them again. I've had a very rough past and because of it, I cannot believe in many people, nor trust them. I'd like to be able too again.

ME: Hmmm....coming to a lighter and fun question what is that one thing that gives you peace of mind??writing ,music, looking up at the sky???

Valeriya: When something happened to me a while back. Not a tragedy but I became very sad and depressed. So I took my dog outside, poured myself some lemonade and sat outside and watched the sea. The Baltic Sea is seen from my yard. And I overcame it. Even though I'm not depressed I still go outside each night and watch, listen. Very quiet in my neighbourhood. :)

ME: Hmmmm.........Coming to my last question any words/suggestions for Author/poet Thumblina???

Valeriya: Of course! A few comments too Suggestions (sort of): keep writing poetry because you are a very kind one at that. You always put smiles on your friend's faces with your poetry. I have nothing to say about your poetry to make it better because it is as amazing as it can get :) Comments: thank you for asking me these questions. I feel honoured in a way. So thank you very much, and hope I can interview you as well.

Thank you so much "Valeriya" for sparing someof your valuable time with and sharing your feelings with us today,really do appreciate from my heart for this interview it means the world to me....I hope all your wishes come true and you head towards a very bright future....Thank you once again...Good luck...


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