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Take a look into vanessaxoxo's initial plans and thoughts about her works: Fake Fiancée and When Lightning Strikes. View table of contents...


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  • The first title I thought of for this novel was 'Love Contract'. I was going to have both Lainie and Henry sign a contract and everything, and it would be a symbol of their relationship.
  • Lainie was supposed to run away because of a misunderstanding about the contract, not a decision based on her future. I realised that leaving the love of your life over a simple misunderstanding was un-Lainie-like so I scraped that soon afterwards.
  • I admit that this story was half-inspired by one of my favourite Korean dramas, 'Full House'. There was even this scene where the couple were pretending to feed each other food in front of the cameras, but they were actually stuffing each other's faces. This inspired me for the chapter where Henry and Lainie have their interview.
  • From the very beginning, there was no doubt that Lainie would be played by none other than the beautiful Nina Dobrev. She is so beautiful and fitted the character perfectly in both looks and personality.
  • Steve's picture is just perfect as well. I never knew the actor's real name, but I remember that this first name was the same as his character: Steve. However, only a few weeks ago, I was watching Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. I recognised the man who plays the dad and did a Google search. I was so happy when I realised this was the man I had been hunting for!
  • Lainie's appreciation for amazing architecture comes from me. I love looking at historical buildings.
  • When Lainie arrived home, her mom wasn't meant to become a real mother and marry Weston. My idea was that Hazel would show Lainie about the article of Henry and Natasha together and ridicule her, not Michelle.
  • I never intended to have Mr Parker involved with the breaking-up scheme, but I figured it would make a nice touch! I was right, wasn't I?
  • Veronica was meant to be the original 'betrayer'.
  • Natasha and Clara weren't really meant to play a big part in Fake Fiancée. If I'd have known that, I would have carefully chosen their names instead of randomly picking one.
  • Actually, come to think of it, Natasha wasn't even supposed to exist!
  • Natasha is supposed to look like Brittany Snow.
  • I absolutely love the name Hudson. He was supposed to be called that, but it changed to Keith. Plus, it seemed to suit him more.
  • I had to change Lainie's intial full name (Lainie Aubrey Sophia Watson) to Lainie Audrey Sofia Watson, because I found that I wanted to use both the names 'Aubrey' and 'Sophia' in other stories, and I hate having double names.
  • I got the name Rafferty off a book I had borrowed from the library. I was like 'hey!' That's a good name for Henry's jerk of a father! There was a difference though. In that book, Rafferty was a good dad.
  • Curacao wasn't meant to be a setting. The film was to have been shot in Hollywood.
  • I never thought the name 'Henry' sounded attractive. That was until I read 'The Luxe' by Anna Godberson and fell in love with the main guy.
  • There was supposed to be a chapter where Henry and Lainie attend a film premiere, which turned into some kind of date. Lainie was supposed to be promoting April's new fashion line by wearing one of her dresses.
  • I had a hard time deciding on what was running through Keith's mind. So for closure, no he was not gay. He just liked teasing and pranking people. He did have a little crush on Lainie, as she was different from other girls. He just never acted upon his feelings as he believed Lainie was indeed engaged to Henry.
  • Although Henry liked acting, he became sick of the artificiality in Hollywood and was thinking of quitting anyway. I'm not sure if I mentioned that. A lot of people think he gave up his happiness for Lainie, but his happiness was with her.
  • I hadn't planned to make Henry romantic but I couldn't help myself. Sometimes I actually regret my decision to make him such a sap.
  • Most of the things Lainie likes, I do too. She owns a pair of Hello Kitty pyjamas, I've always wanted anything Hello Kitty since I was a kid. She likes 80's music and I admit that I do too. She likes 1234 by Plain White T's and at that time, I was in love with that song. There's so much more but right now, I can't really think.
  • Making Steve and Arianne a couple had never crossed my mind until I wanted Steve to have a reason why he was unmarried.
  • Veronica Pierce was first played by Kristin Kreuk, but then I found a picture of Adriana Lima and I was like 'Oh my god! THAT'S Veronica!'
  • By the way, Veronica is one of my favourite names. I'm not sure why, but I love to give pretty names to annoying girls …
  • Veronica and Lainie were supposed to come to a truce, not end up in a catfight.


  • Henry was a college drop-out. He had been taking a business course under his father's order, as he was the heir to the company. However, he got to know Steve and was convinced to pursue an acting career.


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