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Take a look into vanessaxoxo's initial plans and thoughts about her works: Fake Fiancée and When Lightning Strikes. View table of contents...


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  • Barbara Palvin was supposed to play the role of Gracie.
  • Gracie is based on the softer, more understanding side of me. I always have conflicting emotions and understand both points of views. As you can see, it really makes it hard to make decisions!
  • Instead of being a quiet, golden girl, Gracie was actually meant to be rather an eccentric person.
  • In chapter one, Jason was supposed to pick Gracie up from the airport along with Aubrey. They were supposed to announce their engagement to her together.
  • Gracie was supposed to be a dancer, who had just come back from a prestigious French ballet school.
  • Because of this, Jason was to hire her as a dancer in a music video he was in charge of.
  • That idea was scrapped and I had Gracie work in a dance studio teaching ballet to little kids. This included Delilah!
  • Then, when I decided that Gracie would be a teacher, she was going to be a volunteer teacher at a centre for kids with disabilities, where Delilah was an autistic child.
  • Aubrey was supposed to be disgusted/freaked out by this.
  • Angelica Chanel Elwood was Aubrey's initial full name. Now it's Aubrey Lucia Elwood!
  • Gracie's biological mother was supposed to have been one of Ken's lovers, and this was the reason why Ken favoured her so much. Evelyn was supposed to have broken down near the ending chapters and accuse Ken's favouritism towards Gracie made Aubrey despise her family. As you can see, I have a thing for parents with problems (even in Fake Fiancée), and deadly drama! (Sad life).
  • Then, Ken and Evelyn would have divorced.
  • The day Aubrey was hit by a car; she was supposed to have just picked up her wedding dress.
  • On the same day, Gracie was supposed with Jason, not Ruby. I changed it.
  • Aubrey was initially going to die before she found out about Jason and Gracie's relationship. I was dead set on that idea, until my friend changed my mind. So thank her if you liked that Aubrey found out!
  • Vince wasn't supposed to be Ruby's 'Prince Charming.' It really was supposed to be Lennon, but I figured 'Why not some more drama?!'
  • Evelyn works as a librarian.
  • The epilogue was originally about Niall's first birthday. The whole family was supposed to be around celebrating.
  • Ken's rule about 'no dating' came from the idea came from the idea of my father, and they also share similar traits.
  • Ken's 'stroke' was supposed to be from finding out about Jason and Gracie's relationship,
  • Delilah's shyness at school was based on mine. I remember in kindergarten, I cried a lot. Like Delilah, I remember having a very loud friend who stood up for me. However, we don't talk anymore …
  • Delilah's kindergarten class, 'KS', was exactly the same as my own.


  • On the first day of high school, Ken started to crush heavily on Evelyn. However, she was with a few guys who broke her heart before she realised Ken just might be 'the one'.
  • I imagine that Ken was once a barista. His love for coffee passed down onto Gracie.


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