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Life, full of shortcomings has never ceased to amaze me. The level of greed and corruption around the world astounds and sickens me. I'm sure many would agree, change is a must, but can never be fully controlled.

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Just seconds back i wasn't here, and where i am it isnt clear, but what i want what i hold dear, is what i know ill always fear, a broken past a shattered mind, is pulled to whole at seperate times, what shot me down now helps me climb, into a stable state of mind, though stable now i seem to be, i got here through the pain and see, a solid flaw is deep in me, i cannot dig enough to free, the crippled part of who i am, i still cant fully understand, if pain could make your mind expand, then sufferings part of every plan, a lesson learned through something bad, will teach you more then something glad, ul run from flame before uv had, the thought to touch whats silken clad, you learn from what you think is wrong, your strength still there still getting strong, the good the bad dont get along, but without one you would be gone, each half combined is who you are, the good is close and bad is far, but every case alike a star, unique in every way though hard, to always sort the bad from good, you dont know where or how you stood, you feel one way but think you should, accept another lively-hood, theres often times you think whats fair, is what john smith has over there, its obvious god doesnt care, because john has something so rare, and all you have you always did, its no big deal no one to kid, except yourself you think he knew, hed always have what you want too, there is no plan that can be seen, except the one that you can dream, before you think that life is mean, just take a second think how clean, your bathroom is or if theres soap, or if the toilet plunger broke, is your bed made i guess theres hope, to check your tv out but nope, the coffee maker fizzled out, a fridge so loud you have to shout, to ask your friend what they will drink, you used a cup out of the sink, you got it from the mall you think, i hope this next part turns you all pink, if what you have not good enough, you simply need alot more stuff, then boy im sure you have it rough, we always think that life is tough, to push ahead with what we need, another step to being free, from twisted "just" democracy, i cant believe how bad the greed, has overwhelmed some parts of life, just look at all that isnt right, i know you know how much the light, has gone from places full of plight, there are the ones atop a throne, and only give their dogs a bone, much more beneath whos hardly grown, its like their voice made out of stone, it isnt seen and if it is, its cast aside its just a risk, id like to make a lenghty list, of all the lives down drains were pissed, a shorter list a better make, of those who thought theyd simply take, all of the world and then theyd shake, the final drops of life and break, the wills of who cant take a stand, because they have no rights of man, the cruel have crafted quite the ban, on taking action get a tan, and take a seat theres no control, no single person changes flow, of power protest is for show, unless were all a part then no, wel never see this world grow.


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