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Generation Twisted

By: kirsten hall

Page 1, Hm? What do you think?

Fall in love with words with me
Follow me
Jump In the fucked up sea just
Follow me
Maybe I know, maybe I don’t
Maybe you’ll go, maybe we won’t
Maybe were meant to float
Slit my throat
Feeling is a mental state anyway
Crash the boat
Drowning is a mental state baby
Sick up twisted world
We are the result
The children of doom
We are the cult
Generation fucked up
Friends are faces
Love redefined
Human to human
As judgment goes without value
We cling to nothing
Achievement means nothing
In a world where failure is justified
Freedom, anarchy
Judgment, conservative
Mom is mad
This is love
Society pissed
This is hate
Follow your heart
Follow the law
Hurt them
Hurt yourself
Get what you want
Become the leader
Let it go
Become the winner
Listen to your heart
Listen to my words
If you feel anything
Listen to my words
If you are right
Plug your eyes
Pretend you have the answer
Know nobody does
Try anyway
When did the American dream
Become fixing the system
When did we forget
To believe in simplicity
Live life as a child
Believe impossibly
Above all
Learn love
Love all
Love the killers
Love the haters
Love the worst
Forget fear
Love fear
Don’t live today as if you’ll die tomorrow
Live as if you’ll never die
Live as if history cannot be erased
Believe in anything
A great leader
Knows how to follow
A great person
Knows how to love

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