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Fades into the night.

By: LaceyGerardMonroe

Page 1, There was a really dark time in my life. I Was unsure of who I am and felt constantly lonely, even when surrounded by friends. I was depressed and confused... I was violent and rebellious. I pushed people away and kind of destroyed my own life. As all the good things in my life disappear, taken away by me. I saw it slipping, my life slipping. This poem now represents a lot of my life that past. It might mean something different to other people so I will love to hear what you think about it...

Fades Into The Night.

As time flies by,

So slowly,

So daring.


Life fades,

into iternity,

Life fades,

into history.


Who am I?

Why am I hear?

I have created shadows.


Dark shadows


Chasing me.


There still are stars.

Stars fading into the night,

Into darkness,

No more light.


I hear voices in my head,


Ever fighting.


All is turning dark.

Far away it goes.

Deeper into the night.

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