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Listen To Me!

By: LaceyGerardMonroe

Page 1, So this is because of the many reads

the feelings,

the hate.

Self hate,

self dissapointmant.

This is you right now.

This is you recently.

Honestly why?

Do you not think about it?

Does this ghost not haunt you?

Where are you going?

Turn around bastart!

Look me in the eye!

Tell me I am wrong!

Tell me I do not speak truth!

This you do,

Is driving me insane.

This you do,

Is making me suicidle!

Dont go cutting.

Dont drink the pills.

Dont jump!!

Just turn around.

You have to face this ghost.

Honestly you know it too!

You have to be true to yourself.

So Bitch be a man!'

This is now.

Look at me.

look at my face.

Am i lying?

Just stop right there!

Just turn around.

Just change your mind,

Change yourself,

Change your actions!

Your not a helpless fool,

but naive and evil most defnitly.

Listen to me screaming,

screaming in your broken heart,

screaming through your broken ear.

Don't cry little girl.

Mommy don't love you.

Get over it!

Life goes on.

So listen to my whisper.

Hear my soft words.

Take to heart what I say.

It will help.

These letters arethe prescription for your cancer.

You just need to take the medicine.

My dear I pray for you,

I pray for me.

The sun will shine.

We will love again.

Just don't cry,

or even die.

It will be better.

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