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My one true love.

By: LaceyGerardMonroe

Page 1, this is my first piece I post... I am inspired daily by music so this is my tribute and thanks to my addiction and love, music.

 My one true love.

I'm truely inlove with you

From my mind

to my haert

to the core of my bones.


Your amazing and wonderful,

you understand me like no other,

you make me glad when I'm sad,

you clalm me when I'm stressed,

you relax me when I'm overtaken by anxiety,

you get me like no other.


A life without you i cant imagine.

I live to hear voice,

tucking at the strings of my haert.


The depth you have can't be comprehendet.

Your soft,silky

also tough and criticslly honest.

You have the life experience of thousands,

the knowladge of millions.


You share it with me...


My dear I'm adicted to you,

I love my adictions,

Your my favourite music...


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