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By: meenakshi sharma

Page 1, Its aBout ME aND ME ... reAd It ..

My NaMe Is MeEnAkShI

My LiFe Is TrAgEdY

My ReLiGiOn Is HuMaNiTy

ThErE's No CrUeLiTy

I've FaMiLy

WhIcH HaVe BeEn FoUnD RaReLy

I've A SiStEr

She HaS A MiStEr

I've BrOtEer

He's Better ThEn OthEr

I've Mom

She ThInKs I'm HeR ToM

I've DaD,

SoMeTiMeS, He MaKes Me SaD


WhIcH Has BeEn BoUnD

My LiFe Has FeAr

FuL oF TeAr

Its Full of FrUsTrAtIon

JuSt OnLy IrriTatiOn

IrRItAtIoN nd irritaion

Its oOut of CrEase

LiFe HaS a LoT of BouNdrIes

AfTer , All ThAt

My Aim CoMes To Me nd Said ...

Oh !!. Dear

What Fear When i'm Here ..

Now, I'm LivIn UpOn Mah AmBiTiOn ..

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