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The Tree Of Decisions

By: pakla

Page 1, Thoughts from under the tree at home



Under the tree

Under the shade

I sat me down and wrote my poem

In the heat of noontide

The braze of summer

Reminiscence of my trials


Under the tree

Under the shade

I stood and sat

Stood and walked around

Aimlessly in heaviness

Wondering how, why and what for


Under the tree

Under the shade

I sat with my pen

And wrote my song immortal

Recounting my quondam thralldom

The genesis of my exodus

The Numbering of my lapidation

The Levitical ministry of providence

The Deuteronomic prospects of victoire

The Joshua-like expeditions and vigils

That brought triumph on enemy

And lead my feet to Canaan



By pat k lamba aka paKla

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