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lets turn negative into positive

By: followyourdreams

Page 1, turn negative obstacles into positive thinking




Sometimes  we  are   Overwhelmed  with  obstacles  we  are  to  be  put  through  in  our  life


And  sometimes  we  find  ourselfs  asking  WHY  ME?


I find  myself  asking  this  on  many  occasions!!!


And  often  when  the  answers  elude  you,  you  believe  that  the  trials  that  you  suffer  are  unfair  and  harsh!


But  they  are  answers.


There  are  answers  even  though  you  may  not  recognise  them


In  this  world  we  are  always  connected  with  the  things  we  suffer


And  there  is   a  reason  for  whatever  happpens


Everything  happens  because  it  is  ment  too  even  though  at  the  time  it  may  seem  cruel.


You  Must  remain  strong  in  the  face  of  adversity


And  meet  the  challenges  you  face


One  day  at  a  time,  and  as  time  heals  you  both  body  and  soul


You  may  come  to  understand  the  meanings   of  your  trials


and  recognise  the  good  that  will  one  day  come  from  them


You  can  then  take  pride  knowing  that  you  made  it  through  them  and  as  a  result  you  will   be   much  more  stronger.


A  friend  of  mine  qoutes,  

"when  you  are feeling  down  look  upto  the  sky  and  see  all  the   bright   stars,  and  see   how   big  this  world  is  think  of  little   old  you  and   see how  big  the  world  actually is,   how  much  is  outthere  for  you  to  grab  onto  and  see  your  worrys  fade  away"

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